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Using AWS Step Functions to Categorize Uploaded Data

AWS Step Functions is a powerful service that lets you build and orchestrate different AWS services to construct state machines. This can be done with almost any AWS API action, and with little-to-no code. In this lab, we're going to build a Step Functions state machine to process an MP3 call recording, determine the sentiment of the conversation, and take a different action depending on the analysis.

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Clock icon Nov 08, 2023

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Table of Contents

  1. Challenge

    Create the Step Function State Machine

    Create a new Step Function State Machine using the step-functions-execution-role provided as part of the hands-on lab environment.

  2. Challenge

    Implement Amazon Transcribe to the State Machine

    Add the necessary steps to the workflow to enable Amazon Transcribe to create a transcription job, and wait until the transcription is completed.

  3. Challenge

    Implement Amazon Comprehend to the State Machine

    With the transcription job finished, collect the transcript from S3, parse out the data, and pass it through to Amazon Comprehend to detect the sentiment of the conversation.

  4. Challenge

    Develop a Choice state based on Sentiment

    Depending on the sentiment of the conversation, trigger the provided NegativeInteraction AWS Lambda Function for negative sentiment, or send a message to the PositiveInteractionQueue in Amazon SQS for positive sentiment. Neutral sentiment requires no action.

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