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Deploy a Small Environment Using an ARM Template

In this lab, you'll use the Azure Custom Template editing tool to build and deploy from an ARM template. The goal of this lab is to introduce you to how ARM templates are built and teach you how to use one of the more underrated tools in the Azure console. In this lab, you will: * Build a basic ARM template from scratch * Deploy from the ARM template you build * Save the ARM template for use in future builds

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Clock icon Mar 31, 2021

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Table of Contents

  1. Challenge

    Create a Basic ARM Template

    ARM templates can be built using Quickstart Templates, the Azure Custom Template Builder, or from scratch. The solution video uses the Azure Custom Template Builder in the portal.

    Make sure to include:

    • One virtual network with two subnets
    • One storage account
    • One virtual machine (Standard_B1s)

    Challenge: Create Your Own Template From Scratch

    Instead of using a quickstart template, try to build your own from scratch using only an IDE, such as Visual Studio Code. See Microsoft’s guide on template structure for more information.

  2. Challenge

    Deploy the ARM Template

    This step is all in the title. Deploy your template! Use the same location as your lab's predeployed resource group.

  3. Challenge

    Verify the Environment Deployed Successfully

    Once all objects have been deployed, verify the following:

    • Your Resource Group has one virtual network
    • You have two subnets within that virtual network
    • You have a new storage account
    • You have one virtual machine

    Having verified all this, you can continue to play around with your template and deploy additional resources, or simply exit the lab. The solution video also shows you how easily save an ARM template for development in an IDE or other tools.

    Bonus Points

    Build another environment with a virtual machine in each subnet.

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