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Expire Data Based on Age in Azure Blob Storage

In the scenario for this hands-on lab, you are the web admin for an online shopping site. The holidays are coming, so you anticipate holiday-themed items becoming popular in your store. You plan to showcase these items on the homepage, in which a web app retrieves the photos for these items from an Azure Storage account. After the holiday season, you don't want to keep these images, and the storage costs are too significant. You must find a way to automatically delete these photos after 30 days.

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Clock icon 15m
Clock icon Oct 09, 2020

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Table of Contents

  1. Challenge

    Upload the Photos to Blob Storage

    1. Download the photos to your computer from the following link:
    2. Inside the lab's storage account that starts with stor, click Containers, and create a container named holidaysale with the public access level of Container (anonymous read access for containers and blobs). Upload the images into an img folder inside the holidaysale container.
  2. Challenge

    Add a Policy to the `img` Folder

    1. Apply a policy that will automatically delete the img folder after 30 days. TIP: Look for Lifecycle Managment in the left menu of the Storage Resource Manager screen, and keep in mind that individual menu items are often moved under new header titles, which may differ from the solution video.

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