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Using SQL to Manage Database Objects

SQL is a powerful language for querying, changing, and deleting data. Almost every person in IT will encounter SQL queries at some point in their work. Being familiar with how to use it effectively can help you achieve greater success in your current role and possibly even set you up to move into a different role. In this hands-on lab, you will work with methods of managing database objects. This includes creating, altering, and dropping items, such as tables and views.

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Clock icon Intermediate
Clock icon 45m
Clock icon Sep 20, 2019

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Table of Contents

  1. Challenge

    Create a SQL Database

    From the Azure portal, create a SQL database named manage_lab using the provided resource group that is configured with a sample dataset. Create a new SQL Server named acgsql-XXXXX (replacing the XXXXX with random numbers to make it unique). Once the resources are created, modify the server firewall to allow your client IP address.

  2. Challenge

    Connect to the Client

    In Visual Studio Code, enable the MSSQL extension and create a connection profile to connect to the previously created server and database. Use the login credentials you created when configuring the database.

  3. Challenge

    Create an Index for Product Name and Color

    In Visual Studio Code, create an index for the Name and Color columns on the Product table.

  4. Challenge

    Update the Product Description View

    In order to provide the analytics group with more detail, update the ProductAndDescription view to include the ProductNumber column from the Product table.

    Hint: Use the current definition, and change CREATE to ALTER.

  5. Challenge

    Delete the Unused ErrorLog Table

    The owners of the ErrorLog table have confirmed it's no longer in use, and they want to delete it. Write a statement to drop the table.

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