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Creating a Database and Table with Cloud SQL

Selecting the right type of instance to handle your data is a very important step. Just as important is creating the database and table to structure that data. In this hands-on lab, we will learn how to create a Cloud SQL database instance, create a database within that instance, and create a database table to structure the data.


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Clock icon Intermediate
Clock icon 30m
Clock icon Nov 26, 2019

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Table of Contents

  1. Challenge

    Create a MySQL Cloud SQL Instance

    1. From the main console navigation, head over to SQL.

    2. Click Create instance.

    3. Choose MySQL.

    4. Set the following values:

      • Instance ID: game-instance
      • Password: 12345
      • Database version: MySQL 5.7
      • Choose a configuration to start with: Development
      • Choose region and zonal availability > SPECIFY ZONES > Primary zone: us-central1-a
      • Customize your instance > SHOW CONFIGURATION OPTIONS > Machine Type: Standard
    5. Click CREATE INSTANCE. It can take up to 15 minutes for it to finish being created.

  2. Challenge

    Enable the Cloud SQL Admin API and Connect to the Instance Using the Google Cloud Shell

    1. From the main console navigation, head over to APIs and Services.
    2. Click on Enable APIs and Services.
    3. Then type in Cloud SQL Admin API.
    4. Click Enable.

    Connect to the Cloud SQL instance

    1. Click on your newly created instance.

    2. In the Connect to this instance section, click OPEN CLOUD SHELL.

    3. Once connected, you will be prompted with a gcloud command:

      gcloud sql connect game-instance  --user=root --quiet
    4. Click AUTHORIZE to authorize Cloud Shell to make GCP API calls.

    5. Since you just enabled the API, wait a few minutes for the action to propagate and retry the gcloud sql connect command until it succeeds. You may have to click the link provided in the PERMISSION DENIED message and ENABLE the Cloud SQL Admin API.

    6. Enter your password.

    7. You are now connected to the MySQL instance once you see the mysql> prompt.

  3. Challenge

    Create a Database and Table Within the Cloud SQL Instance

    1. Check out any databases that were created within your instance:

    2. Create a new database:

      CREATE DATABASE gaming;
    3. Verify that the database was created:

    4. Use the gaming database to create a new table within it:

      USE gaming;
    5. Create a table and structure the data within the table:

      CREATE TABLE games (name VARCHAR(20), system VARCHAR(15), date DATE);
    6. Verify the table was created within the database:


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