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Azure Executive and Business

After completing the Azure Executive path you’ll understand core cloud computing concepts, how the Azure platform works and what is involved in adopting cloud technologies, including costs. You’ll start by learning the basics of what ‘the cloud’ is and how key Azure services fit together to provide a decentralised, OPEX-based IT environment. Next, you’ll learn about the key considerations, concepts and processes involved in cloud adoption followed by a brief explanation of the technical cloud roles an organisation might need for it. Finally you’ll learn about some basic cloud architectures and take your Azure knowledge deeper as you prepare for the entry Azure certification exam, AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. This path includes one certification: Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

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Courses in this path

What is Microsoft Azure?

  • Web series
  • Clock icon 8m

Cloud Computing Foundations

  • by Broadus Palmer
  • Learning level icon Apprentice
  • Clock icon 0m

Introduction to Azure

  • by Matthew Ulasien
  • Learning level icon Novice
  • Clock icon 0m

Cloud Adoption Essentials - How to Use This Series

  • Web series
  • Clock icon 4m

Azure This Week on A Cloud Guru

  • Web series
  • Clock icon 0m

Crossing the River by Feeling the Stones | Simon Wardley

  • Web series
  • Clock icon 31m

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A Cloud Guru

A Cloud Guru

The Cloud Content team comprises subject matter experts hyper focused on services offered by the leading cloud vendors (AWS, GCP, and Azure), as well as cloud-related technologies such as Linux and DevOps. The team is thrilled to share their knowledge to help you build modern tech solutions from the ground up, secure and optimize your environments, and so much more!

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