The Transformation Webinar Series
Engineering transformation advisors

The pragmatic, battle-tested guide to creating a healthy, data-driven organization

Are you looking to transform your engineering team? Unlike platitude-filled webinars or abstract opinion pieces, you need practical advice backed by research and data.

Join us for this 5-part mini series where we'll be spending time diving deep into the practice and methods of transformative engineering leaders. 

Series Description

The Transformation Series by Flow is purpose-built for engineering leaders like you, from engineering leaders who have made transformation a core capability. Watch the our five episodes here! 


  • David Farah, Field CTO @ Pluralsight and former Director of Agile Transformation at BNY Mellon

  • Tim Adrian, Product Development Consultant and former SVP of Product Development

  • Dr. Cat Hicks, Director of the Developer Success Lab

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Episode 1


Working in software development has always meant that you need to stay up to date on new technological developments and changes in the economic environment. But with the meteoric rise of AI, and the economic turmoils over the last 12 months, it’s clear that the time we have to respond to these changes is shorter than ever, and requires a higher degree of transformation than ever.

That’s why managers need to develop transformation-as-a-capability. Your team needs to be operationally rigid in the right areas, but flexible enough to be nimble and flexible in others.

Join us as we talk with our Field CTO, David Farah, about how engineering teams can cultivate transformation-as-a-capability.

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Episode 2

Busting Transformation Myths

Joining us for this installation of the Transformation series is Dr. Cat Hicks, the VP of Research Insights for Pluralsight Flow. In this episode of the transformation series, we'll debunk prevailing myths and introduce a holistic approach to productivity.

Come learn how to foster an environment that emphasizes problem-solving, collaboration, and genuine developer growth.

Charlie Moad - Director of Engineering at Salesloft
Episode 3

Establishing Visibility for Execs, Leaders, and Engineers

While 90% of managers believe in the importance of making their teams' work visible, only 24% of developers feel the same level of visibility is achieved.

Let's bridge this gap. Come learn how to foster developer motivation, improve software quality, and set realistic organizational goals through enhanced visibility.

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Episode 4

Improving Team Health

A thriving team isn't just about hitting deadlines—it's about well-being, sustainability, communication, collaboration, and mutual respect.

Join us as we dive into the core elements that make a team healthy and productive. We'll share research-backed insights on fostering a positive environment, ensuring mental well-being, and building trust among team members.

Naveed Zahid and Melissa Davy
Episode 5

Advocating for your team

Being a leader means standing up for your team, ensuring they're heard, valued, and supported.

In this session, we'll explore the nuances of effective advocacy. Discover how to amplify your team's achievements, address their challenges head-on, and create an environment where they feel empowered and recognized.