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Build a Basic Blog with Spring Boot

What you'll learn

In this project you’ll follow along with our instructions and create a basic blog with Spring Boot 2. You’ll create a controller that routes requests to several Thymeleaf templates to display blog data.

Table of contents

  • Set up your local environment for projects. We'll walk you through everything you need to know, including how to install and configure your environment to be able to complete all of the tasks.
Create a controller that displays a Thymeleaf Template
  • In this module, you'll create a controller that routes a request to the home template and passes data to it to display.
Display Static Data from the Post Repository
  • In this module, we'll add blog data to the PostRepository class and then display that data in our template.
Add style to the home page
  • In this module, we'll incorporate css and template substitution into our home template.
Display a Post Details Page
  • In this module, we'll display a post details page by adding a request mapping to the controller.

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