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Building a Bug Tracking App with Blazor

What you'll learn

In this project, you'll use Blazor to build an application to track software bugs, so they can be prioritized and fixed by a developer. You'll build multiple Blazor components, and link them together with proper routing and navigation. You'll also work with forms and validation, manage the submitted data using services, and display the data in a reusable way.

Table of contents

  • Learn how to setup and configure a local development environment to be able to complete the project tasks.
Building the Navigation and Components
  • Create the application components, and add links and routes to navigate between them.
Creating the New Bug Form
  • Build the form that will allow us to submit new Bugs to track.
Working with Services and Data
  • Register and inject the necessary services to handle our form data.
Add Data Validation to the Form
  • Add validation to the New Bug form to improve data integrity.
Display the Bugs using a Component
  • Retrieve and display the created Bugs in a table on the home page.

About the author

Alex Wolf works as a .NET and Azure Content Developer at Microsoft, and is passionate about learning and teaching software development. He has over a decade of experience and multiple certifications in the .NET ecosystem and related technologies. He is also highly engaged in DevOps and Cloud technologies to improve development workflows and infrastructure. Alex has worked for companies of nearly every size, ranging from small start-ups to very large enterprises. He also maintains a hobbyist ... more

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