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Create a StarChart Web API using ASP.NET Core

What you'll learn

This project will use ASP.NET Core with C# to implement a Web API to track celestial objects.

Table of contents

  • Set up your local environment for projects. We'll walk you through everything you need to know, including how to install and configure your environment to be able to complete all of the tasks.
Add And Configure Middleware in Startup.cs
  • Configure your application to use MVC Framework as well as an-in memory database using EntityFramework.
Create CelestialObject Model
  • Create the CelestialObject model and add to the ApplicationDbContext to make it accessible to EntityFramework.
Create The CelestialObjectController Class
  • Create the CelestialObjectController class and configure and setup a Route as well as set it up to dependency inject our ApplicationDbContext.
Create CelestialObjectController's Get Actions
  • Create the CelestialObjectController's GetById, GetByName, and GetAll actions with the appropriate HttpVerbs.
Create CelestialObjectController's Post, Put, Patch, and Delete Actions
  • Create CelestialObjectController's Create, Update, UpdateName, and Delete actions with the appropriate HttpVerbs.

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