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Managing Flights Using JavaScript Syntax and Operators

What you'll learn

This project requires the implementation of a Java application by solving a series of tasks for managing a flight, its passengers, distances and prices.

You will need to:

  • write the logic to utilize the control flow
  • use loops to iterate through the passengers
  • make further decisions using if and switch statements
  • will throw and catch exceptions

Table of contents

  • Set up your local environment for this project. We'll walk you through everything you need to know, including how to install and configure your environment to be able to complete all of the tasks.
Manage flights and passengers
  • This module will require the implementation of a series of tasks for managing flights and passengers: calculate the number of needed flights, restrict the number of passengers, check the aircraft status, check the capacity of a flight, and distribute passengers among flights.
Manage prices and distances
  • This module will require the implementation of a series of tasks for managing prices and distances: calculate the final prices of tickets after applying variations, calculate the total distances, and calculate bonuses.

About the author

Cătălin Tudose is a Java Champion, Java and Web Technologies Expert, and a Java Chapter Lead in Luxoft, Romania. Born in Pitești, Argeș, Romania, he studied Computer Science in Bucharest, graduating in 1997 and obtaining a PhD in 2006, with the thesis "Spatial Databases for the Reconstruction of the Relief". He has taught courses and seminaries at POLITEHNICA București on Advanced Java Programming, Java Programming with Spring and Hibernate, Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Graphics, Logic Desig... more

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