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The Search for Cloud Talent Just Got Easier

Jun 08, 2023 • 3 Minute Read

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Cloud talent is just as important as the cloud itself. Whether you’re migrating workloads from on-premise to the cloud, building new apps and services or automating workflows, the success of any cloud effort is dependent on your team. Without the right people, your projects will take longer and may need to be redone all together. But here’s the problem: skilled cloud talent is hard to find. 

According to S&P Global, 85% of organizations report deficits in cloud expertise. There simply aren't enough qualified cloud workers to go around. It doesn’t help that cloud computing isn’t typically taught at colleges and universities. It’s understandable though; each of the major cloud platforms release dozens of updates in a week, hundreds in a month. College curriculums couldn’t possibly keep up. But don’t lose hope! Just because cloud computing isn’t taught in schools doesn’t mean people can’t learn it. 

At A Cloud Guru, we know this well. We’ve taught millions of people how to utilize in-demand cloud infrastructures like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Linux. And our on-demand, engaging courses, hands-on labs and IT training programs make it easy for people to fit learning into their everyday lives. 

We’ve been working to close the cloud skills gap since we were founded, and this month, we’re kicking it up a notch. In addition to our ongoing partnerships with institutions like Miami Dade College to integrate cloud learning into curriculum, we’re now offering our full course library, hands-on labs and sandbox environments to all students for nearly half off. (That's up to 47% off for annual personal subscriptions and 17% for monthly personal subscriptions.) Why? More opportunity for students to learn the cloud means the cloud talent pool will expand. 

“A Cloud Guru really helps our college students. They’re more marketable now for those full-time jobs we want them to have.” - Antonio Delgado, Dean of Engineering, Miami Dade College

By giving students better, and earlier, access to cloud education (and a risk-free environment to practice) we’re prepping the next generation of cloud engineers to make an impact right now. You won’t have to wait years for them to add real value. We’re giving them the space to learn by doing, so they can bring you the most up-to-date cloud knowledge to support, or even spearhead, strategic cloud deployments. 

For you, this means qualified cloud talent will start to look different, and your skills gap will start to close. While years of experience is always helpful, it’s no longer the only factor in determining a prospective employee’s value. Today, the most effective cloud workers have up-to-date knowledge of multiple cloud platforms, ongoing opportunities to practice without messing anything up, and the resources to learn, experiment and innovate, all at their disposal. A Cloud Guru is making each of these qualities entirely possible for upcoming grads to possess. 

The fastest way to close the skills gap is by giving everyone—from students, to people in the early stages of their careers, to seasoned cloud pros—the opportunity to learn and practice the cloud skills that companies need. There are a lot of groups who could use some extra help gaining access to cloud education. The student program is one of many steps we’re taking to accelerate the closing of the skills gap. We won’t stop until it’s shut. So stay tuned for more! 

In the meantime, click here to learn more about how A Cloud Guru can help your company build the cloud team of your dreams.

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