The Best Job Sites for IT Professionals

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Updated 5/5/2020

The best job sites for IT professionals and developers are:

  1. Dice

  2. Hired


  4. SimplyHired

  5. Authentic Jobs

  6. Ladders

  7. We Work Remotely

  8. Indeed


Finding a job is not a simple task. On one hand, you’ve got hundreds, if not thousands, of job “hubs” where you can search for the perfect position at a desirable company. On the other hand, since there are so many job sites, it can be hard to zero in on the exact type of opportunity you are looking for. That’s why it can be advantageous (and save you a lot of time) to search on technology job sites that target IT-related jobs when possible.

Here are some of the best job sites for IT professionals. Then, following are the best job sites for developers.

What Are the Best Job Sites for IT Professionals?

Below are some of the best job sites IT professionals should use.

1. Dice

Dice is one of my favorite job sites for IT professionals. The main reason I would recommend visiting Dice early on in your job search is because most large tech businesses (including Google, HP, IBM, Dell, and many others) use it to find new employees. If you’re looking for a career with one of the top companies in IT, Dice is where you’ll most likely find it.

Pros: Large, well-known site with big name companies.

Cons: Does not aggregate smaller job hubs (other than eFinancialCareers because it’s owned by Dice), so you’ll only find jobs that companies specifically post to Dice.

2. Hired

Hired isn’t specifically a tech-related job site, but it is still known for focusing on tech positions. What’s different about this site is that rather than you applying for companies, you upload your profile and companies apply to interview you. This paradigm shift can save you a ton of time. 

Pros: Salary details are posted up front.

Cons: With over 3 million job seekers, competition can be fierce.

3. Angel.Co is like LinkedIn, but for tech entrepreneurs and workers. It’s one of the best places to quickly find IT job leads and I highly recommend it. With one click, you’ll be introduced via email to big names and startups around the world. 

Pros: There are no third-party recruiters allowed so you only speak directly with founders and hiring managers. Plus, you can compare jobs using the salary tool.

Cons: You can’t browse jobs without first creating a profile.

4. SimplyHired

SimplyHired isn't specifically a tech-related job site, but it does offer tech-related jobs. A simple search term modification and you have over half a million tech jobs at your fingertips. Searching for the word "technology" will bring up tons of job postings from various boards on the internet.

Pros: There are literally millions of jobs posted, albeit many are likely duplicates. They offer great search options including search by experience and education.

Cons: The site is highly saturated. You'll need to run special searches or utilize filters to find jobs in the field you're looking for. Job postings do not always link to the original source, but rather other job hubs, so it can be better to apply directly with the source.


What Are the Best Job Sites for Developers?

Developers should also try these tech job sites.

1. Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is a great place to find jobs in design, development, engineering, programming, and management. Their focus is on creative careers, with opportunities from big names like Apple, Skype, Facebook, MSNBC, and many more. Jobs are sorted into three categories: freelance, contract, and full-time.

Pros: The big names come here to find creative professionals for web work, and at $300 per job posting, you know that they are serious in offering long-term career jobs. 

Cons: This site focuses mainly on creative and web jobs, so if you’re a technician or engineer, you might not find much luck here. Also, because of the high job posting fees, a lot of jobs may not end up being posted here, especially contract and freelance gigs. 

2. Ladders

Ladders is known as the highest paying job search because its focus is on $100k+ salaried jobs. If you’re a top talent in your field, this is the place to look.

Pros: Jobs are screened so you see only the best.

Cons: This site isn’t specifically for tech, so you’ll need to sort by industry first.

3. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is a great place to find jobs for developers and programmers who want to work from home. It features companies from all over the world, so you have the opportunity to get global experience.

Pros: Job seekers can report job listings that aren’t remote, so the site is able to stay within its focus and serve only companies who are serious about hiring remotely.

Cons: Since it’s so focused on remote jobs, there aren’t as many job listings as other sites.

4. Indeed

Much like SimplyHired, Indeed offers a basic job search, but with a very important added feature: salary estimates. As you most likely have found out, a lot of job postings do not include a salary as it will usually be negotiated. Indeed takes a bit of the guesswork out and uses job titles, location, and postings that do include pay rates to estimate what sort of pay you can likely expect. 

Pros: The search functions are extremely in-depth; you can even search by salary. Jobs that do not show a salary are sorted properly because of their salary estimator that predicts pay based on job title and previous years statistics.

Cons: The results are very saturated; you will find everything from minimum wage positions to 100k+ positions. You'll need to have a refined filter to find a job in the field you're looking for.

Tips for Landing Your Ideal IT Job

Here are a few important tips that can help you land your ideal IT job:

  • Search multiple websites so a great opportunity doesn’t fall through the cracks of the internet. 

  • If an IT company that you’re interested in is located in your city, it doesn’t hurt to bypass the sites altogether and search for jobs on the company website itself. 

  • Ask around and network with everyone you know because they may have an insider tip or an inside connection.

  • Boost your resume by adding new skills and certifications from Pluralsight

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