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Finding a job is no longer as simple as just browsing your local classified ads. More often than not, companies are posting their jobs on targeted job sites designed specifically for a certain field of work.

What does this mean for job seekers? Well, that's a bit tougher to answer. On one hand, if you are on one of these sites, you'll be able to find a lot of jobs in the field you are looking for. On the other hand, since there are so many job sites (hundreds, if not thousands of job "hubs" are created every month) you may miss out on a great job opportunity if you didn't shop around and find the listing.

For this reason, many job sites now aggregate different job boards into one site. Other job sites, like Dice, specifically focus on Technology, pulling a larger amount of targeted jobs than all-around job sites. To help you find the career of your dreams, I'll go over some of the best websites (in my opinion) to find IT related jobs.

1. Dice

DiceDice is one of my favorite job search websites. The main reason I would recommend visiting Dice early on in your job search, is because most large businesses (including Google, HP, IBM, Dell, and many others) use it to find new employees. If you're looking for a career with one of the top companies in IT, Dice is where you'll most likely find it.

Pros: Large, well known site with big name companies.

Cons: Does not aggregate smaller job hubs, so you'll only find jobs that companies specifically posted to Dice.com. Note: While it does aggregate sites like eFinancialCareers and WorldWideWorker, I am not including these as true hub integration since these sites are owned by Dice.

2. JobPile

JobPileJobPile takes care of quite a bit of searching all at once. You are able to search for jobs (including freelance jobs) from any of eight job boards and three freelance boards. You can choose to search just one, or all of the boards at once. These jobs are aimed at creative tech work, but you'll find a few development and technical jobs as well.

Pros: Integrates many freelance and job boards into one site.

Cons: There simply aren't that many careers available. Many jobs are freelance gigs, and it only pulls data from about 9 job boards. While they do offer some good opportunities, making it a good place to stop by, it shouldn't be the only stop in your job search.

3. Petri

Petri IT Knowledgebase Job BoardFocused more on certificate-based jobs because of their standards-based front end, Petri IT Job Board is a fairly new job board with a heavy focus on server administrators and engineers. While it's well on it's way and growing quite rapidly, you might need a bit of luck on your side to find a job based on location. Many smaller cities have little to no jobs posted.

However, the quality of jobs is what you'll be looking for, and there may be one waiting for you. Browsing this site is well worth it if you're looking for a career in server administration or engineering.

Pros: There is a lot of quality, career style jobs available. These jobs are focused on certifications, so if you have a certain IT certification, you'll be able to find specific jobs looking for said credentials.

Cons: Currently, most of the jobs are located in larger cities, so unless you are willing to relocate, you may be out of luck here. As stated above, the site is growing at a good pace, but at this time there are not that many opportunities, especially in smaller cities.

4. Authentic Jobs

Authentic JobsWith a focus on creative careers, and with opportunities from big names like Apple, Skype, Facebook, msnbc, and many more, Authentic Jobs is a great place to find jobs in design, development, engineering, programming, and management. Jobs are sorted into three categories: Freelance, Contract, and Full-Time.

Pros: The big names come here to find creative professionals for web work, and at $75-250 per job posting, you know that they are serious in offering career jobs.

Cons: This site focuses mainly on creative and web jobs, so if you're a technician or engineer, you might not find much luck here. Also, because of the high job posting fees, a lot of jobs may not be posted here, especially contract and freelance gigs.

5. SimplyHired

SimplyHiredSimplyHired isn't specifically a tech related job site, but it does offer tech related jobs. A simple search term modification and you have over half a million tech jobs at your fingertips. Searching for the word "technology" will bring up tons of job postings from various boards on the Internet.

You can use the bar on the left to filter your results by job title, company, job type, education required, and more. This would be a valuable place to spend some time if you're job seeking.

GestaltIT provides a filtered list of jobs from SimplyHired, so that might be a good place to start your job search as well.

Pros: There are literally millions of jobs posted, albeit many are likely duplicates. They offer great search options including search by experience, and education.

Cons: The site is highly saturated. You'll need to run special searches or filtering to find jobs in the field you're looking for. Job postings do not always link to the original source, but rather other job hubs. If you find a job here, be sure to go to the source to apply, many job application processes are run by job hubs, which forward your information to the source. You'll get better results applying directly.

6. Indeed

IndeedMuch like SimplyHired, Indeed offers a similar job search, but with a very important added feature: salary estimates. As you most likely have found out, a lot of job postings do not include a salary as it will usually be negotiated. Indeed takes a bit of the guesswork out and uses job titles, location, and postings that do include pay rates, to estimate what sort of pay you can likely expect. You can sort by $110,000+, for example, to search for only six-figure careers.

Pros:The search functions are extremely in-depth; you can even search by salary. Jobs that do not show a salary are sorted properly because of their salary estimator that estimates pay based on job title and previous years statistics.

Cons:The results are very saturated; you will find everything from minimum wage positions to 100k+ positions. You'll need to have a refined filter to find a job in the field you're looking for.

7. MostHired

MostHiredSimilar to JobPile, MostHired is another job board that while not as large as others, offers some good career opportunities by aggregating other job boards. I had high hopes for MostHired, as they offer a clean listing of jobs from sites like CrunchBoard and GigaOM, as well as a nice sorting method so you can jump between job board results. However, the site doesn't seem to be actively monitored or maintained anymore. I could be wrong, but a few job boards display 0 results now, which may or may not be due to the way the job listings are pulled from each site.

Pros: MostHired offers clean listings, easy to access specific job boards, and lots of boards to choose from.

Cons: The site seems to be a bit buggy at the moment. Search is cumbersome, and many job boards show 0 results, when there are postings on said boards.

What's your favorite job site?

Whether you choose to use all, or a combination of the job sites listed above, you'll need to search multiple websites to get the most out of your job search so a great opportunity doesn't fall through the cracks of the internet. Don't forget, if an IT company that you're interested in is located in your city, it doesn't hurt to bypass the sites altogether and look for jobs on the company website.

What's your favorite job site? Let me know in the comments section below.

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