Why group learning can be a big win for your team


That to-do list is staring you down. Whether you take the techie route (apps, task management tools, automated reminders) or the low-tech alternative (mounds of sticky notes) to track your deadlines and tasks, there’s one thing that keeps getting pushed to the bottom: training.

However, on-demand learning greatly reduces some of the training hurdles. With learning tools that you and your team can access anytime, training becomes a flexible, powerful advantage rather than an obstacle. But that flexibility can also be a double-edged sword, as asking team members to find time to learn on their own accord can be a one-way ticket to procrastination town. And so, the “complete training” line item sinks to the bottom of that to-do list, week after week.

Group learning to the rescue! The goal of group learning is to jumpstart a flexible program with a bit of structure. That structure can help motivate team members as well as hold them accountable. 

Group learning: a three-part learning cycle

The core principle is that learning is enhanced through a three-part cycle:

  • Application (actually doing the training)
  • Feedback (send out surveys or have a plus/minus/delta sesh)
  • Reflection (What can you change next go round?).

Then the loop starts over again and so on. Before that cycle can begin, it’s crucial to do a couple things. Start here:

Define learning goals

Your team’s time is a valued resource for both you and them. To get the most out of their time (and your training costs!) begin with a specific goal in mind. Identify business or organizational needs that could be met by your team if they improve upon a given skill or skills. Make sure this goal or goals are measurable as well; otherwise, it gets tricky when it comes to actually determining how successful your training efforts were in the end. 

Get leadership involved

Next, get your stakeholders on the horn. Who in your organization is really passionate about continuing education? Or who will benefit most from the needs you’re trying to address? Zero in on these folks, put together program outcomes that resonate with them and your team and set a communication plan.

That’s just a taste of how to make group learning a big win for your team. For more on what to do next, snag our guide on group learning.

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