Why security is more than just a tech problem

NextGen security tips from
Dr. Jared DeMott


Your plan for security should be unique to your organization. That’s a no-brainer. Yet, when it comes to deciding which approach to take or what tools to rely on, decision-makers always find themselves in a jam. API protection? Function runtime analysis? Isolation: sandbox? Novel detections or machine learning

That’s because of this one truth, as paraphrased by Dr. Jared DeMott: security isn’t just a tech problem. You must consider the wildcards such as people, training, budget, implementation and so on. Here are three ways to approach those wildcards and why you should be looking further upstream when it comes to security.

The one-size-fits-all myth is just that

Your organization may be huge, but your tech team may be small. You could be shouldering the weight of the entire company’s infrastructure, or building cross-platform communications between international offices. Maybe it’s the opposite—you’re so large you can’t remember the last time the entire developer team could fit together at a company offsite training. Maybe there are so many moving parts, it’s terrifying. The point is, there may be no perfect solution. So, consider a blended suite. 

Things look better on paper (and in sales pitches)

Be cautious of fancy marketing pitches and weigh each layer. Before you purchase anything ask who’s really using it and how is this really going to work. Can your swamped team handle the new security tool or process you’re throwing at them? Are you giving them time to skill up and learn? (Do they know where to begin?)

When all else fails, do things that help

As the world does its best to “cyber all the things” as fast as possible, it never hurts to take a moment and give back to the community you’re a part of. If you’re an expert in your field, become a mentor. Make sure you do everything in your power to train the next generation coming up. Work upstream and make the entire ecosystem safer so that everyone benefits—it comes back around.  

Endpoint security, DevOps and thinking further upstream are changing the landscape in every corner of business. Check out Dr. Jared DeMott’s on-demand webinar for more security tips.

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