Tech resolutions of 2017


Consider this your mid-week motivation—here we'll be sharing a new smarter secret from our authors, the people who you learn from and who inspire you to push the limits of your potential. So, we asked: What is your tech resolution for 2017? 


I am resolved to make time to pursue tech that piques my interest when it comes across my radar—even if it is a far reach from what my work entails. –Julie Lerman

I'm diving deeper into Server 2016 and Private Cloud (System Center)...I've been working so much on security, I've let my "Microsoft-Knowledge" slip a bit. I'd also like to be more focused and have less "squirrel" moments, which is hard in this industry as it change every minute. –Dale Meredith

I'm hoping to use 2017 to find some answers to management, monitoring and alerting when faced with a widely heterogeneous infrastructure. As a company grows, you find that bits of business-critical infrastructure can sometimes become scattered across a mix of different cloud providers and on-premises hardware. This is even further complicated by containerization (e.g. Docker) and some of the various infrastructure abstractions that Azure and AWS provide, and others like hosted databases and webservers. My plan is to find some way to unify configuration management, monitoring, alerting and real-time analytics when infrastructure is sprinkled across such a wide variety of platforms. –Floyd May

In 2017, I want to give Microsoft Windows a fair try now that it has native support for Linux Bash. –Samer Buna 

My tech resolution for 2017 is to show the world what an amazing device the HoloLens is and how it can make a real difference to solve real problems for real non-technical people. –Lars Klint

My first priority is to finish my upcoming O'Reilly book, Java 9 Modularity. Since 2017 is the year Java 9 will be released (fingers crossed), I'm also going to spread the love for modular application development with Java 9 at conferences. –Sander Mak

I'd like to push myself to learn some things far outside my comfort zone, and to dig deeper with some current skills. I am going to surprise and impress myself a year from now. –Jeremy Morgan

As an IT Ops professional, I'm going to be betting big on Azure Active Directory in the coming year. With more organizations adopting the cloud everyday, having a thorough understanding of IDaaS will be a key enabler for businesses. –Kunal D Mehta

In 2017, I’d love to have a more diverse pool of cyber security talent from which to choose. The 2-to-1 ratio of open job reqs versus applicable candidates needs to be a thing of the past (from a hiring perspective that is). –Ryan Chapman 

Keep the axe sharp—it’s important for technologists to stay as technical as possible, even if now in a management role. –Dr. Jared DeMott

My 2017 resolution: I want to integrate the practice of daily skills development for myself and everyone I interact with. Agile education for the brain! –Will Button 

So, what’s your secret to being smarter?

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