White House Demo Day: Pluralsight partners with TechHire to give $20M in free courses

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Democratizing professional learning has been our mission since day one. And that's why we’re proud to announce we’ve partnered with President Obama’s TechHire Initiative--an effort to give Americans the skills they need to perform in high-demand tech jobs.

To kick off our partnership, we attended the first-ever White House Demo Day this week. Demo Day is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and organizations to come together and tackle the big problems facing America’s tech sector: lack of diversity and a growing skills gap. We’re joining the efforts by providing $20 million in free courses to unemployed people in the TechHire communities.

The TechHire Initiative is making its dent in 21 regions across the country, where it’s estimated that more than 120,000 technology jobs are open and available. And it’s a huge opportunity for people living in these communities to start careers in tech, because all they need are the skills to succeed.

With free access to 50 of our most relevant and critical technology courses and assessments, TechHire participants will be able to develop the knowledge they need to quickly fill their skills gap and qualify for jobs. And this is just the beginning. We can’t wait to update you as our partnership with TechHire continues to unfold. Stay tuned.

Until then, those who are eager to skill up and start an exciting career in technology can take advantage of our free resources:

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We’re committed to closing the skills gap and giving everyone the opportunity to gain the knowledge they need to innovate and change the world. Our partnership with TechHire reinforces what we already believe in--learning something new, every day. We’re a land of entrepreneurs, aren’t we? Let’s do something great together.

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