5 reasons you need to hire millennials now


Picture your favorite sports team. What happens when the time comes for the seasoned all-stars to leave the team? Maybe they were snatched up by a rival who threw big money at them, or maybe it’s time to retire from the game. Either way, their time has come to move on… and now what? If there aren’t a few promising new recruits ready to be bumped up to the big leagues, that team could really be hurting come next season.

The same goes for tech talent at your organization. Sure, your most accomplished senior folks aren’t going anywhere right this second. But what happens when they inevitably do? It’s a reality you can’t ignore. Additionally, with how fast technology changes, you’ve got eager, young, talented techies just waiting to hone their craft and bring new skills and a fresh perspective to your business. This is why recruiting and retaining young talent needs to be your priority—right now, and on an ongoing basis.

Millennials are early adopters of technology

Here’s a powerful number to explain why recruiting young talent can be beneficial to your organization: Millennials are 2.5 times more likely to be early adopters of technology than older workers. We repeat: Two and a half times! Employees under 30—AK.A millennials—aren’t hesitant when it comes to learning new technology, so you’re more likely to see them embracing change rather than showing reluctance.

Millennials bring a fresh perspective

You know what else millennials bring to the table? A fresh, uninhibited way of thinking. Because young employees aren’t hampered by a “that’s how we do things here” mentality, they’re able to approach an organization’s processes and challenges with an open perspective. If given the opportunity, they’ll often question or challenge the status quo, which can act as a valuable impetus to try new things, whether large or small. 

Younger employees don’t carry as much “career baggage”

Another advantage of young, fresh thinkers is they arrive at your organization without much “career baggage,” so to speak, so they’re not as influenced by previous employment experiences and can more easily learn to fit into your culture. 

Teamwork is a priority to millennials

Younger employees are also more willing to work in groups to accomplish their goals, and this willingness and drive to collaborate is quantifiable: An Ivey Business Journal survey of recent grads indicated they were 33% more likely than other generations to say they wanted to work in teams. 

Your business can save money by hiring millennials

There’s one more reason that’s probably obvious, but it’s but worth stating: You can save money. You can hire two or three younger workers for the same as one single senior staffer, and that’s big for the bottom line.

Now that you’re clear on the why, it’s time to move on to how. How do you draw and keep young talent in your organization? Unlike your favorite sports team, it’s not just about offering a big, flashy number when it comes to salary. Millennials are looking for a positive culture, flexibility, work-life balance and the opportunity to make a difference and better themselves as well.

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