Announcing the Start of Web & Interactive Training

A lot of good things and great people go into launching a new section of training. We experienced it last year with the launch of CAD training, and this year we're excited to announce the availability of Web training on Digital-Tutors! Now if you're thinking, "but what about the content I've requested in other subjects," pump the brakes because we've brought on a whole new team, and pulled away zero people from other subjects, to launch the Web training. And get ready for a back half of the year filled with more professional content for every subject as new tutors start and more guest tutors are brought on. Back to Web training. So why Web? It's actually been a highly-requested topic by members and now with access to Pluralsight, we have a perfect line up of content for creative and tech pros. You and organizations now have a professional training resource that touches everything from creating websites (and hooking them up on the backend), motion graphics, VFX, games, graphic design work, visualizations, actual product and building specs, digital art and so much more. Think of all of the possibilities. If that doesn't give you some goose bumps, you're a machine! The releases of the new Your First Day with HTML tutorial and the new Optimizing Images for the Web in Photoshop tutorial are just the start of what's to come. They join a few other tutorials in the new Web subject, but that list is going to be growing quickly as we add them in with our other 'regularly' timed releases - 1-3 tutorials a day for the rest of the year. Look for web training that covers visual design, interactive design, mobile design, game design, responsive design, user-centered design and more. Make sure to explore the new Web training options and check back for more to come your way. web2