New Astropad App Turns Your iPad into a Drawing Tablet

If you're a creative who's run out of ideas for using your iPad, you might want to check out the newly launched Astropad, a new app that transforms your iPad into a drawing tablet for your Mac. The Astropad is the brain child of Matt Ronge and Giovanni Donelli, two former Apple engineers who are looking to transform the devices into a professional drawing workspace. One major advantage of the idea is that you can leverage your existing devices. Many people probably already own an iPad and/or don't have the money to invest in expensive pen tablets. However, Astropad app is just $50 and an educational discount of only $20. Plus, why add another device to your workspace if you don't have to. Also, the Astropad supports a wide variety of styluses such as Adonit, Wacom, and Hex3, so you can use the ones you've already purchased. Astropad runs on LIQUID, a technology developed to increase fidelity and responsiveness to your work. It's designed to make sure that what you draw on your iPad is what you see on your Mac. This is an essential component to any workflow because iteration demands an accurate benchmark upon which to grow.