How to Simply Create Your Own Font

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to be able to just type images out in your own handwriting? You probably think that it's pretty difficult to create your own font, but it's actually quite easy! In fact, there are  a variety of web services that can help you create your own font. They can base your created font off of your handwriting or even your just doodles. You should note that this isn't the way to create a font that's widely used. Professional typefaces take a lot of hard work and time to develop. The fonts that you create with these services won't be considered a professional font you might market; however, creating a personalized font can be very beneficial. For example, icon fonts are growing in popularity. With most of the following services you can assign icons to letters that let you add them to your designs. So, if you wanted to use a house icon to represent your home page, you can pre-assign that icon to a letter (say, "H") and then use that when designing your site. An added bonus of this approach is that these fonts are easily scale-able (like any font), and can be set to adjust to a variety of screen sizes. MyScriptFont template is a super simple way to create your own font. All you need to do is download their template (pictured above) print it, fill it out and then scan and upload it to their site. You can then decide if you want to create a TrueType font or OpenType font to be generated for you. has their own tutorial page, so we won't go into too much detail about how to get started there. PaintFont is actually a newer version of MyScriptFont, and it lets you select which symbols you'll create or even base your font on another font. The process is simliar to MyScriptFonts's except you first select which characters that you want to create and then a template will be created for you. After printing the template, you'll fill it out with a black pen, scan it and then upload it to the site. They'll convert it into a font that you can download and use on your desktop.


FontPanda is a free font creator that's a little different than some of the others on the list. You can create your font for free if it's for non-commercial, personal use, but your font will be available to everyone. FontPanda isn't an instant font generator, however. The fonts are created from the templates by people at FontPanda, so it can take anywhere from 1 to 20 days for a font to be sent to you. The fonts created there can be purchased for commercial use for $25. If someone purchases a font that you created, then you'll get 50% of the revenue. So if people tell you that your handwriting is so pretty it should be a font, then maybe you can make some money from it!


If you have a tablet, then you might enjoy making a font with iFontMaker, especially if you also have a stylus. The other applications on this list all require you to print and scan something first. However, all you need for iFontMaker is your iPad or Windows tablet. Then you can use your stylus to write your font without the hassle of printing and scanning. The app costs $6.99 on the Apple App Store and $4.99 on the Windows Store.


Android users can download the InstaFontMaker app for free to create their own fonts. It's similar to the iFontMaker app, except it's not just for tablets, you can use it on your phone as well.