The Fundamentals of Art for Digital Artists and Designers

Whether you're new to Digital-Tutors or new to creating your own art, there are key fundamentals of art that touch everything we do as artists or designers - no matter if you're creating traditional 2D or digital 3D art, assets for a game, or even drafting building plans. 04-21_1088 These essential fundamentals go into making your work look great and are the building blocks for learning to create art, and for having a career as an artists or designer. Now you might say: "but art takes on many forms - some even I don't get...". While there will always be art that falls outside of the norm (and we encourage it), the fundamentals of art are time-proven components of creating art that's engaging and appealing to the viewer's eye. So where do you start to getting started with creating art? Or why is it so important to review these fundamentals well into my creative journey or career? That's where the possibly three most underrated courses on Digital-Tutors, that you probably haven't watched yet, come in hand:   Foundational Elements of Art for the Rest of Your Life These basics are perfect for a beginner and are filled with topics such as understanding line, drawing one-point and two-point perspective, basics of color and more to get your creative appetite a taste of tried and true fundamentals that have influenced art before the terms or topics even had a clear definition. 1011_MASTER   Color Theory for Today's Creative Professionals Color is important - it's huge. From the basics of how to describe color, to understanding the color wheel, to the psychology behind color - understanding how to effectively use color is a must for any current professional, student or developing artist that wants to create work that does exactly as you intended. There's a reason a stop sign is red and there's a reason iconic logos known around the world are so popular. Learn about color and you arm yourself with powerful artistic and creative skills. 1021_MASTER   Composition for the Creative Artist In it's most basic definition, composition is the placement or arrangement of visual elements. It sounds basic, but the implications of your work's composition plays a huge role in the success of your pieces or scenes. Composition is what you will use to direct the viewer's eye based off positioned and arranged elements in the scene. In Composition for the Creative Artist, you can learn about the composition techniques and types used by top artists - both past and current, and work through a project with the tutor to see an engaging piece created step-by-step. Having the ability to create great composition takes practice, but it also takes planning from the first step of any project. Planning that has a huge payoff when the project is complete. If you're a motion designer, make sure to take advantage of another course on the Principles of Composition for Motion Designers. 1029_MASTER   Make sure to take advantage of the above courses today and learn direct from creative professionals. Get started for free with a demo account and watch initial lessons in each course we've opened up just for you. Or get the full Digital-tutors experience with a subscription in the world's largest creative training library!