Boris FX to Acquire Planar Tracking Software mocha

Recently plug-in developer Boris FX announced in a press release that it was acquiring the Academy Award winning Planar Tracking software, mocha, from Imagineer Systems Ltd. Boris FX specializes in plug-in development for VFX software like After Effects and Final Cut Pro. Mocha is seen as a film industry's standard in motion tracking software by using geometric planes formed by pixels moving in the same direction to achieve extremely accurate results. The UK-based Imagineer will continue as a subsidiary of Boris FX. Although little organization change will occur at Imagineer, Boris FX's purchase of mocha is seen as a major step forward in terms of expanding its existing VFX toolset and driving innovation and speed for both companies' products. The result is likely to affect the entire pipeline flows of film and broadcast studios using After Effects, Final Cut Pro and other Boris-supported software. Both company's specialize in integrating with these types of host software. Boris FX specializes in plug-ins for many major platforms and products like Apple and Adobe while mocha is known for its ability to work with many different types of software. The merger is likely to increase this focus on compatibility and solidify mocha as the go-to motion tracking software across multiple media industries.