New Blackmagic 1.9 Update Fixes 4K Noise Issues

Over the last several years, Blackmagic has been successful in bringing more affordable 4K production cameras and workflows to a larger consumer market. Part of the success stems from the company's pricing, which attempts to compete with the ever-popular DSLR format. However, consumers of the Blackmagic 4K Production Camera have seen a range of issues with the noise levels they're getting from the cameras. However, Blackmagic addressed this problem yesterday with the 1.9 firmware update, which is designed to improve sensor calibration. The update also brought in some new UI features. In addition the 1.9 update adds:
  • A Histogram on the viewing screen that helps control clipping of darks and lights, providing adjustments for getting the widest dynamic range possible.
  • Audio meters with level indicators and peak detection.
  • Time remainder indicator for determining how much recording time is left based on memory. The time indicator changes to fit a RAW or compressed recording format.
All three new displays are located in a bar at the bottom of the viewer. To get the latest update or to check out the specs on these new features, visit the Blackmagic support center. diagram for the camera's three different features