News from NAB: Day Two

Yesterday we covered some of the big news coming out of NAB 2015. Today we’ll continue with our NAB coverage here on the DT blog. Keep checking back on this post throughout the day as we’ll update this post with news and highlights from the show. If you’re in Vegas for the show, you can stop by our booth to learn how you can get a free month of training. Jump to the updates in this post using the links below.

Summary of Autodesk announcements

We've covered some of the Autodesk announcements at NAB as they happened. Here's a summary, in case you missed it. [ Go to Top ]

Light-Field Technology

Today at NAB Frederik Zilly of Fraunhofer Institute gave an interesting talk over light-field technology and the benefits of it in a film production. Having to re-shoot scenes because the perspective needs to be changed or the focus was incorrect is an expensive and time-consuming problem, which Frederik and his team are trying to resolve with their light-field technology. A light-field is defined by the number of light rays within a specific area. “How can light fields be captured? What you need obviously, is a light-field camera. Our approach is to use camera arrays” Frederik stated. The setup is typically a planar camera arrangement with up to 16 HD cameras that can capture different scene perspectives. The film captured can then be edited as needed during post production. Frederik went on to talk about how this light-field technology can be used in post productions for visual effects. These are things the light-field technology will allow filmmakers to do in post-production very easily.
  • Virtually reposition the camera
  • Rendering in Z-Direction
  • Create “Vertigo-Effect” / Dolly-Zoom
  • Create “Matric – Effect” / Camera path in freeze frame
  • Create stereo pairs, choose inter-axial distance in post
  • Change position and width of DOF
To learn more about how this technology works and what it means for filmmaking visit Frederik Zilly’s in-depth article. [ Go to Top ]

The Foundry announced NUKE Non-Commercial for free

If you've ever wanted to learn NUKE but haven't had the budget to, now's your chance. The Foundry just announced a free non-commercial version of their industry-standard composting software. Learn more here. [ Go to Top ]

MAXON Press Lunch

This week at NAB 2015 President and CEO of MAXON US, Paul Babb held a press lunch providing the attendees with some updates in CINEMA 4D and the things they’ve accomplished this past year. We’ve outlined some of the most important updates that Paul mentioned during the press lunch. “As you probably know we released CINEMA 4D R16 back in September and we’ve since had several service updates, little speedups and overall improvements to the application. And we also released version 16 for CINEMA 4D Lite, the version that is bundled with After Effect. That also included CINEWARE 2.0 which made some improvements to the bridge between After Effects and CINEMA 4D.” Paul then went on to talk about some of the big partnerships they’ve made with other software developers that will enhance the overall experience inside of CINEMA 4D. “Ventuz is a real-time character generation software and they’ve developed a plug-in that will be integrated with CINEMA 4D. It’s amazing for broadcast folks, or people doing live production. You can be modeling inside of CINEMA 4D and it shows up inside of the Ventuz engine.” Ventuz had a booth at NAB and showed off the new integration with CINEMA 4D but there isn’t a planned release of the plug-in until sometime this summer. “We also announced Substance integration in February. We will be working with the guys at Algorithmic and will show that at FMX in Germany so development is moving very quickly with that.” Paul also talked about the announcement MAXON made last April about the partnership with Houdini to create a bridge between the Houdini Engine and CINEMA 4D. The progress is moving forward and they plan to show the integration between C4D and Houdini Engine at FMX as well. One of the animated shorts that was nominated for the Oscar this year called “Single Life” was created entirely using CINEMA 4D by a team of three artists, and Paul spoke a bit about this as well. You can learn more on how the team utilized CINEMA 4D in our article. [ Go to Top ]

Interview with MAXON CEO

During NAB we got to meet up with the President and CEO of Maxon and talk about CINEMA 4D, recent announcements and upcoming features headed to the application soon. Watch the full video interview here. [ Go to Top ]