Pluralsight Raises $135 Million in Series B Funding to Fuel Training Growth

Exciting news today out of the greater Digital-Tutors camp as Pluralsight, our parent company, has announced a new round of funding to help grow the company and provide more future training options. The Series B funding of $135 million provides our entire company with more resources for training content creation, the ability to enhance the online learning experience and much more. “Pluralsight is at an inflection point, and this funding will exponentially fuel our growth in the enterprise space, providing businesses with innovations in interactivity and measurable learning outcomes,” said Aaron Skonnard, CEO of Pluralsight. “We couldn’t have selected a better group of strategic partners to invest in the company’s vision, giving us even deeper financial market expertise, access to some of the most influential players in Silicon Valley and a broader reach throughout the entire tech community.” While it might seem like a numbers game to some, this new resource availability will truly help Pluralsight and Digital-Tutors better meet the needs of creative and tech professionals all around the globe! “Pluralsight has completely disrupted the traditional corporate and classroom training model with its online learning solution,” said Ryan Hinkle of Insight Partners. “We are thrilled to support such an innovative and passionate organization. Similar to Salman Khan’s One World Schoolhouse for students, Pluralsight has created a One World Schoolhouse for professionals across the globe looking to fine tune their skills and advance their careers.” Look for more news to come and more great training options as we continue to ramp up and help creative and tech professionals with the industry's best training.