SIGGRAPH 2014 News: Autodesk's Education Expert Program

During Autodesk's Educators Breakfast at SIGGRAPH 2014 this morning, the software giant promoted its Autodesk Education Expert program that allows high school and college students to become the Autodesk "expert" on campus. Aside from the ego boosts the title would bring winners personally, there are also some professional advantages that come with the title.

Gaining access to Autodesk Software:

  • Receiving access to pre-release beta versions of software and cloud services
  • Free registration to the Autodesk Developer Network program.
  • The opportunity to use learning courses and tutorials from Autodesk and Autodesk partners.
  • And to participate  in Autodesk product pilots and focus groups.

The benefits can also include networking and career opportunities:

  • Connecting with other design students through a global community.
  • Attending Autodesk events to meet industry experts.
  • Access to job postings from companies that use Autodesk software.
  • Create and share learning content online.

As an Autodesk Expert, you can also help build your portfolio:

  • By earning official Autodesk Certifications.
  • Participating in competitions.
  • Gaining experience by hosting campus workshops and engagements.
Check out the Autodesk Education Expert video below for more details: