SIGGRAPH 2014 News: Tuesday's Recap (08/12)

The following is a recap of the news stories from SIGGRAPH 2014 that Digital-Tutors covered today (08/12/2014). Some sections link to the full articles. max and maya At Autodesk's Press Breakfast this morning during SIGGRAPH 2014, the company announced two extensions for their major software 3Ds Max and Maya. The Maya extension is really focused on productivity. According to an Autodesk representative, one of the most customer requested aspects of Maya was in productivity enhancement tools. Autodesk responded by including new extensions that contain a performance profiler, which allows you to run graphs to provide information for debugging and trouble shooting where Maya encounters problems. Another big announcement is that Maya now has a new color management system that is consistent across the pipeline from compositing to 3D. Finally, there were some minor modeling and workflow productivity enhancements. For 3Ds Max, there have been some expansions into creative workflows and visual FX tools that include open subdiv surfaces, Alembic, and an enhanced shader FX. All of these extensions are free for current subscribers to Maya or 3Ds Max. Shotgun Today at SIGGRAPH 2014, Shotgun, specialists in pipeline management software announced that it now has a mobile app available for iPhone only. Shotgun has also introduced Shotgun Desktop, a native application framework that sits on the artists’ desktop and provides quick access to key pipeline tools directly from the menu bar. Also, Shotgun can now be directly integrated with MARI. Check out the new features of Shotgun Desktop in the video below. destiny During a SIGGRAPH 2014 course today, Bungie artists and representatives explained their approach to the studio's much anticipated game, Destiny. Among the various 3D artists was Natalie Burk, character technical artist, who discussed how character hair was designed and developed for the game. Here are some notes from the training course that describes the basic process. One important thing Burk considered when conceptualizing Destiny's hair design was its longevity. The game was designed to last through 10 years of upgrades and console changes. So it was important that the design be advanced enough that it could exist for both 360/PS3, next gen consoles, and  beyond. Several criteria helped define the design of hair for Destiny.  Read the full article... c4d Illustrator and Animator Patrick Goski gave us a glimpse into the new features users can expect in CINEMA 4D R16 at the SIGGRAPH 2014 CINEMA 4D presentation booth. He covered some of the new tools like the Polygon Pen, Bevel Deformer as well as enhancements to current tools. Read the full article... dreadnought trailer Today at the CINEMA 4D presentations Manuel Casasola Merkle from Aixsponza gave us an in-depth look into their workflow for creating the Dreadnought trailer, and how they leveraged CINEMA 4D and its new features to create a finished product for the upcoming space combat game Dreadnought. He discussed some of the new R16 tools they used like the Polygon Pen Tool as well procedural environment creation through the use of plug-ins. Read the full article...