Wireless Version of SpaceMouse Pro Announced

3Dconnexion, a company that produces professional 3D input devices, has just announced it will be releasing a wireless version of its SpaceMouse Pro 3D navigation tool. The wireless capability of the mouse is its biggest added feature. Advantages could  include a less cluttered workspace or the ability to share the device during group meetings. The wireless feature uses 2.4 GHz USB receiver and will work from 20 meters away with a battery life estimated at two months. The battery life is extended by a hand detection sensor that will turn the mouse on or off. Like its predecessor, the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless is customizable for shortcuts and includes a comfortable ergonomic design; however, it's fairly expensive, still takes some time to mesh with your preferred software, and the learning curve for interfacing with it can be steep at first. But the SpaceMouse Pro does support a variety of popular software including Maya, 3DS Max, and Photoshop and can potentially (once learned) save you valuable time by providing a more intuitive immediate connection to your 3D models. The release date as well as the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless's price have not yet been released , but the current wired version runs from $300-$400 depending on where you order. So you should expect something a little above that price range. Check out the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless specs and let us know what you think are the pros and cons by commenting below. Better yet, tell us about your favorite input devices and set ups for working with 3D objects and software.