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Future-proof your org against today’s top three market challenges

October 12, 2021

We just launched new product updates to deliver value based on the market changes we’re all feeling. Learn how these new challenges have influenced our roadmap and why it matters to your technology teams.

All across the globe, 2020 fundamentally changed everything, from day-to-day operations, to long-term strategies and workforce development roadmaps. Today, uncertainty is still a part of our daily lives, as organizations everywhere are being asked to adapt faster than ever, even when how we adapt is a moving target. Now it’s time to focus on what we can control. There are countless opportunities to overhaul how organizations develop technology workforces to thrive in uncertainty, rather than merely survive it.

To do so, it’s important to confront and prepare for the three biggest trends and challenges organizations face today: 

1. Remote work is here to stay

The 2021 Forrester Predictions state that remote work will rise to 300% of pre-COVID levels. Meaning employers need to enable fully-digital workplaces including replicating in-person ceremonies, securing company and customer data, etc.

With Pluralsight, you can make sure your teams have the necessary skills and expertise so you can have full trust in them to deliver innovative solutions for high-priority projects.

2. The Great Resignation

More than 15 million US workers and counting have quit their jobs since April 2021. Stats show that employees WILL leave if you can’t provide effective solutions for working remotely—39% would consider quitting if their employers weren’t flexible about remote work.

  • Remote work flexibility - it’s time organizations embrace remote work as it’s becoming part of the norm in job expectations.

  • Career growth - providing clear insights into potential career growth and opportunities is expected from employers. 95% of employees quitting their jobs say the number one reason is a lack of growth opportunities.

Professional development opportunities - enabling teams to grow in their role and build stronger skills and know-how to get the job done is a critical element to employee retention. Because they’ll feel more motivated, valued, and empowered when they’re encouraged and supported to develop deeper expertise and execution in their field.

By providing your org with Pluralsight Skills, Flow, and A Cloud Guru (ACG), you’ll equip your teams with the right skills and processes in place to deliver on projects, grow their expertise alongside their career, and successfully collaborate with others—regardless if they work in-person or remotely around the world.

3. Shift to the cloud and all-things digital

The cloud skills gap continues to be the #1 concern for IT leaders today—it's the future of IT. Gartner predicts that, by 2026, public cloud spending alone will account for more than 45% of all enterprise IT spending. What does this mean for you? If you don’t prepare your workforce for the cloud, over time you will become less innovative, less agile, and less competitive.


Product updates to build better with Pluralsight

At a glance, it seems that these three trends require multiple solutions, but with Pluralsight, you can solve each one simultaneously with focused workforce development efforts. Pluralsight helps you orchestrate your entire technology workforce ecosystem, like: moving teams to new technologies, preparing them to get certified, improving workflows with engineering insights and creating collaborative learning environments. 

These market forces have directly influenced how we deliver value to you and your teams, and as a result, our new product updates help you:

  • Succeed in the cloud

  • Develop talent at scale

  • Optimize software delivery


Succeed in the cloud with Pluralsight and ACG

No matter the cloud strategy, building for (and in) the cloud dictates changing roles and responsibilities for technology teams. Yet 75% of enterprises cite a lack of expertise as a top challenge in achieving their cloud objective. That’s why ACG and Pluralsight have joined forces.

ACG delivers the most comprehensive solution for driving cloud maturity at scale and, with the addition of ACG, Pluralsight can now provide an all-in-one solution to accelerate the cloud skill development journey. With 400+ on-demand courses and 1700+ hands-on labs focused on cloud and cloud-adjacent learning, ACG offers something for everyone, regardless of their current cloud knowledge level or technical background.

Learn more about A Cloud Guru for Business


Develop talent at scale with Pluralsight Skills

Content or classroom training alone doesn’t drive success. Neither does skills development without the support of a strategic, structured approach and healthy culture of learning. For organizations looking to develop tech talent at scale, Pluralsight Skills launched new and improved features to help your teams build in-demand skills, fast:

  • Hands-On Learning - We've added 105 labs across Security and IT Ops, now offering hands-on learning coverage of all major domains like software development, data, IT, and security.

Get your hands on hands-on learning


  • Certification Prep - a complete certification prep solution that guides leaders and learners along each step of their certification journey. Organized into a centralized hub, our Certification Prep Center provides learners with all of the tools and resources to successfully manage their certification prep experience

  • Live Classes - These classes incorporate a unique blended learning approach of virtual, expert-led live instruction and hands-on practice with labs and sandboxes. All Live classes are limited, open enrollment and are capped at 20 attendees to create an effective learning environment. 


With these new and improved features to Pluralsight Skills, your workforce will be better prepared to take on the big three market trends that leaders are facing today.


Optimize software delivery with Pluralsight Flow

As mentioned earlier, engineers are facing unrelenting pressure to deliver faster without sacrificing quality. That impacts team and individual capacity—a challenge that can’t be solved with technology alone. For example, buying Jira doesn’t automatically make you agile–you need to focus on your people and processes—like how work gets done, and by who. What makes an organization agile is focusing on understanding which roadblocks stand in the way of delivery (like late-changing tickets with requests from the business) or lack of standardization (like inconsistent work patterns). 

Yet 84% of IT professionals and leaders said the inaccessibility of information got in the way of their ability to do their jobs and make data-driven decisions. That’s why Pluralsight Flow exists–it offers engineering insights like aggregated data from code commits, pull requests, and tickets, giving full visibility into the software development process.  

Unlike other tools that oversimplify metrics and ignore context, Pluralsight Flow looks at engineering holistically—from individual patterns to overall team health—so you can build a durable engineering culture where best practices and great work can thrive. Pluralsight spent the bulk of the last year focusing on performance, usability, and quality across our top reports:

  • Upgraded Team Insights - Quickly identify what’s impacting your team’s ability to deliver and how they’re improving over time with the re-engineered Code Fundamentals and all-new Work Log reports.  

  • Extended Workflow Analytics - Spot bottlenecks and improve Flow efficiency across your development lifecycle with the delivery module—now supporting both Azure DevOps and Jira.


Today, Pluralsight’s suite of products and services are your trusted, all-in-one solution to drive impactful workforce development. And by helping you solve people, process, and technology challenges all at once, you can count on your workforce to deliver on your business objectives, and thrive no matter what the ever-changing digital landscape holds.

Want to hear what Pluralsight executives think, in detail, about these market trends and how we will continue to evolve and meet your needs? Register for the upcoming Pluralsight LIVE sessions.