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Beginning October 12
Asia-Pacific and Europe
Beginning 13 October
coming together
Stronger Together

The pressure to keep up with evolving digital trends and customer needs has never been greater. Tech leaders are constantly juggling speed with preserving quality and providing value. So how do you balance it all to continuously and successfully deliver innovations to market?

You invest in 
the people and processes behind your tech FIRST.

coming together

Join us for a unique 3-week virtual series designed to help you get the most out of Pluralsight and empower your teams to work better together.

Ditch the stale,

repetitive content

Sick of buzzwords and overdone “inspirational” keynotes? At LIVE, you’ll hear from leaders across the tech landscape who are willing to share a behind-the scenes look at how they got where they are today. No fluff here.

Don't just take notes. Solve problems

Our interactive sessions and workshops get you working hand-in-hand with Pluralsight experts to build your team's development strategy and improve your engineering workflow--all within your schedule.

Develop your dream team

Tech problems are hard. People and process problems are even harder. Learn how to build a stronger, more agile workforce with the right skills and insights.

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2021 Speakers
2021 Keynote Speakers
What to expect at LIVE

This year, LIVE is hosted as a 3-week virtual experience with a manageable time commitment. You'll learn a different topic each week—here's what you can expect:

NA begins Oct 12
EMEA/APAC begins 13 OCT

3hr session

Keynotes and guest speakers

Begins Oct 18 GLOBALLY

1hr on-demand content
1hr interactive session Oct 21, seating limited

Surrounded by the cloud

Begins Oct 25 GLOBALLY

1hr on-demand content
1hr interactive session Oct 28, seating limited

Power to the programmer

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