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World Podcast Day: 5 top podcasts for IT & tech pros

September 30, 2022

Let’s face it, not all of us are readers — there’s a good chance you won’t get through this whole article. I won’t hold it against you! As tech professionals, we’re time poor, trying to get the most out of every precious minute of downtime so we don’t burn out.

But what if Morgan Freeman read you this article in his deep, soothing voice?

Now that’s a different proposition. 

Your hands are free to type away. As a bonus, Morgan’s calming voice takes the edge off having to muddle through someone’s cursed spaghetti code. Such is the allure of the podcast. 

Today is World Podcast Day — a day to celebrate the power of downloadable digital files, typically a themed audio series — over the internet. To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of five podcasts you should definitely check out.

#1 - Software Developer’s Journey

This recommendation comes from Pluralsight’s Director of Developer Relations, Aisha Blake. This podcast by Timothée (Tim) Bourguignon is great for anyone looking to get started as a career developer — or who just likes listening to other people’s career journeys.

“It brings an extremely thoughtful approach and questions to a fairly common podcast premise,” Aisha said.

#2 - .NET Rocks!

According to Lars Klint, the very first tech podcast is still one of the best. Not only is it a must for anyone interested in programming on the Microsoft .NET platform, the show’s hosts — Carl Franklin & Richard Campbell — cover a wide range of other topics as well.

“It’s got lots of popular guests and explanations of current trends in tech. Definitely worth listening to!” Lars said.

#3 - Hanselminutes

Got a minute? If you do, Jeremy Morgan suggests you make them Hanselminutes. The podcast’s author, Scott Hanselman, has posted over 800 episodes for over 15 years, and all of them are quality. Scott has also spent twice that time as a developer, and currently works in Open Source on .NET and the Azure Cloud for Microsoft.

#4 - Revision Path

This inspirational podcast by Matthew Cherry has been added to the Smithsonian National Museum’s permanent archives. According to Aisha, it should definitely make your list.  

“This award-winning platform showcases the lives and work of hundreds of Black digital professionals,” she said.

#5 - Risky Business

If you’re in information security, Lars suggests listening to Risky Business by Patrick Gray. It’s quick, waffle-free, and tells you what you need to know — hopefully like this post.

If you want to listen to the latest cybersecurity news and interviews with industry luminaries, you should add it to your list. It’s been around since 2007 for a reason!

Bonus Podcast - All Hands On Tech

If you’ll forgive us for this moment of semi-shameless self promotion, you should also check out All Hands on Tech by Pluralsight. In it, we talk to the top voices in software development, cloud, IT, security, machine learning, data, and technology leadership — yes, we cover a lot!

You can listen to it on Apple Podcasts, Overcast, or Spotify. Why not check it out?

Thanks for reading all the way through, now go listen to some things!