iPads in the Enterprise: New and Improved!

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If you've bought a course from TrainSignal before, we hope you understand we take the quality of our training seriously. We released the iPads in the Enterprise course by mobility expert John O'Neill Sr. in October of 2012 and soon after determined we weren't completely satisfied with it because, although technically accurate, it didn't include the hands-on demos our customers expect from us. We spent the last few months redoing the course from top to bottom. Now that we have a course we're truly proud of, we're excited to announce it's once again available. To shed light on why the course was redone and what makes it better than ever, we talked to Gary Eimerman, TrainSignal's Director of Product Development.

What are some key differences between this version of the course and the original?

One of the first differences a viewer will notice is the course covers iOS 6 and the new features that it brings to things like Exchange Active Sync. Additionally, this course is jam packed with demonstrations. You are walked through right on the iPad, the desktop or the server when you're learning about Apple Configurator, Exchange Active Sync, and how to secure iPads in your environment.

What are one or two lessons you're particularly excited about?

My two favorite lessons are the “Advanced iPad Security Concepts” lesson and the “The iPad and Exchange ActiveSync” lesson. Security is paramount with mobile devices. Information is so valuable in today's businesses and making sure that information is both available to your mobile users and secure at the same time is not an easy task. John talks about both tried and true methods to securing information with VPNs and encryption and newer methods, like best practices on wiping devices when incorrect passwords have been entered. The Exchange ActiveSync lesson really opened my eyes to how much more Exchange ActiveSync provides admins than just providing email. It allows you to control the devices down to controlling Bluetooth options and camera functionality.

What does instructor John O'Neill Sr. bring to the course?

iOS devices are relatively new to the business environment and John brings years of real-world experience in managing mobile devices in an enterprise. He understands and shares the little things that might trip up an administrator managing their enterprise's mobile solutions. He knows that there needs to be usability for the end user, without sacrificing security and control.

Why is the quality of our courses so important to TrainSignal?

Quality of the training at TrainSignal is so important to us because we know the value of knowledge. It's not just a pop quiz that students are preparing for. It effects real people; it's their jobs, real data, revenue for the businesses, and more that they are learning this information for. It's not good enough to just understand the vocabulary or concepts, so we develop training that allows someone to go perform the duties required by their job once they've finished watching the training.

What is one reason you think this is an important course to watch?

I think this is an important course for IT admins because iPads and iOS devices are no longer just fun consumer products. Employees at companies are using these devices as their primary mobile devices, but they don't seamlessly integrate into your environments. It's not like buying another Windows laptop, deploying your image on the device, and joining the domain.  Apple's focus isn't making these devices work seamlessly with enterprise environments, so it falls on the IT admin to understand the options, risks and rewards to having the knowledge and tools to support these devices and users.

To read more about the course features, check out its product page. Get a sneak peek at the course by checking out our webinar on the topic and viewing demos from it, including setting up a VPN for iPad and utilizing iPad IT apps in the enterprise.

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