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At TrainSignal, we're always striving to meet the needs of IT pros. We take pride in knowing what knowledge and skills are the most in-demand for your career, but we also want to hear from you! Every month, we host free IT training webinars packed with demos and hosted by the industry's leading experts. Tell us which of the topics (you can vote for more than one!) among the ones below that are most interesting to you, and we may select it for an upcoming webinar. Still not seeing the webinar topic you're really pining for? Tell us what it is by leaving a comment.

You don't have to wait until our next webinar to learn! Find out about the webinars we already have scheduled and watch past ones on demand.

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Dana Gagnon

Dana Gagnon is the Director of Branded Content at Pluralsight. After working for years in Chicago media, she joined the team in 2012 to continue bringing quality news, tips and more to Pluralsight's audience. Find her @ChicagoDana