Top 10 VMware VCP Study Resources

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The VMware Certified Professional (VCP) is VMware's longest running and most popular certification with over 50,000 certified professionals.

One aspect that makes the certification unique is its requirement that you attend (either online or in a classroom) a VMware Education class before you attempt your exam. The class you take won't be a "test certification bootcamp" of any kind and you should expect that the exam will still be challenging and will still require significant preparation to pass.

VCP Exam Details

Here's the quick tech specs for the VCP exam that you really must know:

10 Best VCP Study Resources

I get asked all the time what you should use to prepare for the VCP exam, so here is a list of my 10 favorite VCP study resources:

  1. My Train Signal VMware vSphere video training series
  2. VMware's official VCP homepage (make sure you read the exam blueprint)
  3. Simon Long's VCP4 Study Notes and Practice Exams (these are good!)
  4. Petri IT Knowledgebase - Rob Schmidt's VCP Study Questions
  5. - VCP4 Study Resources
  6. Mark Vaughn's VCP410 Study Tips
  7. Scott Vessey's VCP4 Study Resources from
  8. - Resources to Prepare for your VCP4
  9. - Want to Pass the VCP4, Check this out!
  10. vSphere How-To Videos on my blog -

Do you have more VCP4 resources to recommend? Post them in the comments and I'll add them to the list! Best of luck on your VCP exam!

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