Pluralsight Playlists: Songs we <3

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There's nothing like falling in love with a song. You take it with you everywhere, introduce it to all your friends and think about it constantly. Sometimes you even feel like the song knows you better than you know yourself. This Valentine's Day, the Pluralsight staff wants to share the songs we're in love with right now with you. We know it's not as great as a box of chocolates, (sorry) but we hope you like our latest Pluralsight Playlist. If you feel like sharing the love, add your favorite song to the comments. Be sure to follow on Spotify for more music for techies.

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Lora Beros

Lora Beros is a Branded Content Manager at Pluralsight with a focus on IT ops. Lora is based out of our Utah office, which means she loves to eat, drink and hibernate during the winter. When she's not writing for Pluralsight shi is reading up on tech. You can find her on Twitter @lora_not_laura.