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10 of our favorite moments from Pluralsight LIVE Europe

May 14, 2019

The world’s leading technologists from over 30 industries gathered in London this week for our first-ever LIVE Europe event.

With partners like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and AWS in the Exchange, and no shortage of thought leadership from speakers, including futurist Ben Hammersley, AI guru Ivana Bartoletti, Shell’s VP of IT Integration Lyne Germain and our own CEO and founder Aaron Skonnard, Pluralsight LIVE Europe was a whirlwind of jam-packed breakout sessions, thought-provoking panel discussions and inspiring keynotes.

Some of our favorite takeaways include an enthusiastic bunch of experts banding together at Author Summit, an exciting announcement re: the latest Pluralsight product experience, and lessons from Shakespeare’s classics about the ethics of AI.

Check them out (and more) below!


Our authors from the UK and beyond gathered for the Author Summit to learn from each other and have some fun.


Richard Potter and Tim Difford from Microsoft made a talk on bias in AI exceedingly fun (with a little help from attendees).


Our own CMO Heather Zynczak moderated a panel to discuss diversity, inclusion and how we can encourage more women to work in tech.


Pluralsight CEO Aaron Skonnard kicked off Day Two with a keynote about why tech skills are a strategic advantage for companies in all industries.


Aaron also announced our newest product experience Q&A, a better way for developers to get unstuck when they encounter the inevitable roadblocks.


ICYMI, we acquired GitPrime, the leading developer productivity platform. Founder and CEO Travis Kimmel wowed the crowd with what GitPrime + Pluralsight means for their orgs.


Sophie Gray of Microsoft took the stage to share her thoughts on ethical AI development and the importance of collaboration.


Our CRO Joe DiBartolomeo sat down for a fireside chat with Lyne Germain, VP of IT Integration at Shell.


Google Cloud’s Louise Byrne shared the stage with Gilbert Lee, Pluralsight’s Head of Content, to talk about Anthos, Role IQ and our partnership.


Futurist Ben Hammersley delighted the crowd with his no-bullshit talk about why technologists need to stop looking so far into the future and instead look at what’s in front of them now.


A superhero painter, DJ, magician and flowing drinks capped off the event at our closing party.

We loved our time in London. See you in Salt Lake City August 27-29