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Since day one, we've been on a mission to change the way people learn. And to do that, we're constantly scouting out the best, most relevant training, which is why we're thrilled to have Andy Rahden on our side. Andy is joining us as VP of Creative, Design and Engineering. Andy's role will focus heavily on expanding creative content into 3D design and engineering spaces. The expansion will significantly increase Pluralsight's course offerings as well as our author pool. We're excited to be moving our learning platforms into these design markets, and it's clear that Andy has the vision, knowledge and passion for making this content move a success.

Professional background

Beginning as a mechanical engineer at Baker Hughes, Andy had the unique opportunity of starting his career just as the industry was making the transition from 2D to 3D. It wasn't long until other companies saw the value in his 3D knowledge, and he quickly moved to an instructional role for GoEngineer training engineers to use design tools. "I quickly moved from designing products to showing other designers how to use 3D software," Andy states.

The move to educator not only gave Andy effective techniques for teaching software, but also provided him with a broad range of experiences for software application. "In making that move, I was exposed to different people creating different things, whether it was medical products, aerospace devices or just everyday consumer products. In working with them, I learned the design process from a lot of different perspectives...I had the benefit of being exposed to the entire subset of tools. I didn't just learn how to use SOLIDWORKS or Inventor in one or two different ways. I learned how to use the entire product, so I was able to teach people how to use tools in ways they hadn't thought about before."

Subscribing to success

Such a broad-scoped, imaginative view of software applications is what makes Andy perfect for leading Pluralsight's creative content pillar. Equally important is his informed view of the 3D marketplace, which he sees as going through a significant transformation due to the popularity of subscription-based pricing models.

"The democratization of design is happening across the world because products are no longer being sold as $5,000 or $10,000 entities. They're going from this high-cost tool to a low-cost subscription-based model. That makes it possible for more people to access the design tools who couldn't afford it previously. Pluralsight's vision to democratize professional learning through low-cost solutions aligns perfectly with this change in the design community."

Andy sees the combination of affordable tech and training as key to accelerating growth in design and technology in general.

"It really provides us with a spur of technology and innovation," he states, "You're going to add three to five times the amount of designers to the space because people who typically wouldn't go buy a design tool are going to go buy one now. To be able to provide training on how to use those tools will exponentially advance technology. We will see the amount of CAD users grow exponentially in the coming years. People think technology is moving fast now, but in 5 years, it's going to be that much faster."

"Meet" Andy

Andy will take over the Pluralsight Periscope and broadcast live from our HQ Friday, September 17th at 12 p.m. ET. He'll take your questions about the expansion of Pluralsight's creative division and most likely talk about cars (the guy loves cars.) Be sure to tune in!

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