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Pluralsight LIVE: Authors share what they're most excited for

By Pluralsight    |    August 17, 2017

In a little over a month, the entire Pluralsight community of authors, learners and visionaries will meet in-person for the first time ever. This experience will offer attendees the chance to rub shoulders with some of the best and brightest tech experts, discuss the latest trends and learn how to maximize the Pluralsight platform. To celebrate our first in-person conference, we asked our authors: “What are you most excited about at Pluralsight LIVE?

Pluralsight LIVE offers a rare opportunity to meet, in person, a sampling of the learners and learning managers who recommend, manage and use our product. It's not often in this business that we authors get that chance to meet those folks. I look forward to learning from them as much as I anticipate they look forward to learning from us! –Greg Shields

I'm looking forward to meeting my fellow authors, who are dear colleagues to me, as well as my editors and of course people who have taken my courses, or might take my next one. I'm going to learn so much! –Kate Gregory

This is the first conference I've heard of that is on "learning about learning." As a strong advocate of strategic learning, I'm thrilled to attend and be part of it. –Dan Appleman

Having an opportunity to interact with the users of my courses, as well as present on "what" to learn, rather than "how" to learn, is very refreshing. This is also the first event I know of that offers teachers, learners and managers to be in the same forum. Can't wait to be part of it. –Lars Klint

Pluralsight LIVE is unlike any other tech conference running, because the focus is not just technology. The focus is giving attendees the tools they need to be successful. You won't see only the latest JavaScript framework, or competing cloud platforms. What you will see is how to build a better team, and how to build a better career. –Michael Perry

Pluralsight LIVE offers a unique opportunity to learn about learning. It will be humbling to meet some of my learners at the conference. –Gary Grudzinskas

I'm looking forward to meeting learners at Pluralsight LIVE and get insights into how they learn and what they want to see next. That will teach me how to be a better instructor and author. –Barry Luijbregts

I can't wait to meet and learn from other authors! And I'm crossing my fingers I meet someone who has taken my course. That would be huge! –Fernando Medina Corey

I'm looking forward to meeting authors, students and businesses as we immerse ourselves in everything tech-education for the better part of a week. I'm sure I will come away with new topics of interest and goals for my own learning! –Shelley Benhoff

I'm looking forward to learning and sharing techniques for facilitating learning in an enterprise environment. –Brice Wilson

Our authors said it best--Pluralsight LIVE is an opportunity to learn how you can drive disruption, overcome roadblocks and deliver better products, faster. Our community is excited to learn and grow while surrounded by an energy that exists only at Pluralsight LIVE. Learn more about Pluralsight LIVE now, and follow us @pluralsight for updates on all things Pluralsight LIVE.

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