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Pluralsight LIVE agenda guide: Leading your digital transformation

By Pluralsight    |    August 10, 2017

Pluralsight LIVE is just around the corner. Are you ready? We know you want to get the most out of every conference, so we wanted to make it easier on you. Our Agenda Builder lets you curate the sessions and keynotes you’re most interested in, but we’re also highlighting amazing breakouts here every other week. This week’s highlight: leading your digital transformation.

We are in the age of constant digital disruption, and every industry is affected. Learn from the experts how you can take control of disruption and lead your org's digital transformation.

Breakouts include: 

Evolving Legacy Software and Legacy Minds: Julie Lerman

Evolving tools and perspectives can be a roadblock for teams. Discover techniques that will help your team grow and benefit from DDD thinking.  

Get Ready for the Web in 2018: John Papa

Begin preparing for 2018 now with this insightful look at where we’re going. See a broad landscape view of the Web and decide which technologies your team will need to focus on. 

Rearchitecting for the Cloud: Scott Allen

Take full advantage of all that the cloud has to offer. There are a variety of system designs for cloud environments, and this session will discuss how to leverage the services and platforms today’s cloud provides to achieve optimal usage. 

Tech-nomics: The Odd Economics of Learning and Deploying Technology in Your Organization: Dan Appleman

Discover the economics of technology and how you can properly assess risks and costs. Learning these principles will allow you to look at technology with a new perspective and understanding. 

What a Functioning DevOps Team Actually Looks Like: Don Jones

Are you ready to make the shift into a proper DevOps team? Learn what these teams look like, what they DON’T look like and how this shift can become a cultural and org-chart reality. 

Digital transformation is coming, whether you’re ready or not. Get prepared with insights and guidance from industry experts at Pluralsight LIVE. Register today and begin building your agenda!

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