hack.summit() 2016: Join the largest virtual conference in history

By Pluralsight on February 19, 2016

Ready to join the biggest virtual programming conference to date? Next week, the 2016 hack.summit() will kick off, welcoming more than 60,000 programmers to largest virtual gathering for devs ever created. We’re pretty thrilled to be part of this event, and we want to make sure as many members from our community get involved.

You best be there. And since the summit is virtual, you can join from anywhere in the world. So why exactly should you sign up for hack.summit()?

Hear from the best in the biz

During the course of three days, you’ll have access to more than 25 keynote level speakers who are some of the premier thought leaders, executives and programming language creators in our industry. The speaker roster is stacked; pardon us while we namedrop just a little:

  • Jason Mcgee, VP & CTO, IBM Cloud Platform

  • Rebecca Parsons, CTO, Thoughtworks

  • Joel Spolsky, CEO, Stack Overflow

Not to mention, Pluralsight’s very own, Aaron Skonnard will be coming to you live on Tuesday morning - we may be biased, you won’t want to miss it!

Make a difference

This is an event for the entire programming industry, and we’ll be paying it forward once again by giving each attendee the opportunity to make a donation to the leading nonprofits in the tech industry. Every bit counts as we look to support these great causes and open doors to the programming world for all.

Interact with devs around the globe, including speakers

With our interactive chat window during each speaker session, you’ll be able to engage in conversation with other attendees and ask each speaker your best question(s). Who knows? Maybe you’ll get to chat with your programming idol!

Tune in from anywhere in the world

With hack.summit() being the largest virtual event for devs ever created, it’s an incredible opportunity to hear from an unprecedented speaker lineup from your couch, favorite coffee shop or wherever you want to set up shop!

And the best part? You can join hack.summit() for free. Register for FREE for the hack.summit() using the code: PLURALSIGHT

For more information on the sessions and timing of the hack.summit(), we’ve included our updated schedule below. You can add each session to your preferred calendar via the hack.summit() home page (which you can find here) by clicking the calendar icon below each speaker headshot.

We’ll be tweeting updates and takeaways from each session throughout the week from @pluralsight & @hack_summit. If you want to follow along & join the conversation, check out the hashtag: #hacksummit.

See you next week!


Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Times listed in PT

8 a.m.: Opening remarks by Ed Roman, Founder, hack.summit() & TheServerSide.com

9 a.m.: Fireside Chat with Brian Fox, Inventor, GNU Bash Shell

10 a.m.: "After the Cloud" by Orion Henry, Founder of Heroku

11 a.m.: Fireside Chat with Dries Buyataert, Creator, Drupal Open Source CMS

12 p.m.: "Lessons Learned as a Developer" by Floyd Marinescu, CEO, InfoQ

1 p.m.: Fireside chat with Stephane Kasriel, CEO, Upwork

2 p.m.: "Status of Node.js & the Future" of Open Source with Rod Vagg, TechnicalChair, Node.js

3 p.m.: "Technical Leadership" by Sarah Allen, Co-creator, After Effects & Flash Video

4 p.m.: "How (not) to Hire" by Hampton Caitlin, Creator of SaSS, HAML & m.wikipedia.org


Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Times listed in PT

8 a.m.: Fireside Chat with Thomas Kurian, EVP, Oracle

9 a.m.: Presentation with Aaron Skonnard, CEO, Pluralsight

10 a.m.: Fireside Chat with Kent Beck, Creator, Extreme Programming

11 a.m.: Communicating ideas that we take for granted to new developers by Jon Skeet

12 p.m.: Fireside Chat with Joel Spolsky, CEO, Stack Overflow

1 p.m.: Fireside chat with Qi Lu, EVP, Microsoft

2 p.m.: "The 'Right' Way to Ship Software" by  Jocelyn Goldfein,

3 p.m.: Fireside Chat with Bob Martin, Creator, Software Craftsmanship Movement

4 p.m.: "Max your Mind: Prototype Thinking to Amplify Results from Self & Team" by Tom Chi


Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Times listed in PT

8 a.m.: Fireside Chat with David Henemeier Hansson, Creator, Ruby on Rails

9 a.m.: "Events on the Outside, on the Inside & at the Core" by Chris Richardson, Cloud Foundry

10 a.m.: "The Developers Path to Success and Winning" with Greg Pollack, CEO, CodeSchool

11 a.m.: Fireside Chat with Nathan Marz, Creator, Apache Storm

12 p.m.: "Open Data Challenges at Facebook" with Janet Weiner, Big Data Expert, Facebook

1 p.m.: "Government Innovation in Technology with Jennifer Pahlka, Founder, Code for America

2 p.m.: "The 'Right' Way to Ship Software" by Jason Mcgee, VP & CTO, IBM Cloud Platform

3 p.m.: Presentation by Yehuda Katz, Inventor, Handlebars

4 p.m.: "Principles of Evolutionary Architecture" by Rebecca Parsons, CTO, Thoughtworks

5 p.m.: Closing Ceremony & Hackathon Award Presentation


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