Auto Industry: U.S. IT Hiring Job Trend?

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A good time for the U.S. auto industry is a good time for IT pros. Both Ford and GM have recently announced plans to hire people with IT skills in the coming months.

On Friday, Ford said it would add 2,200 salaried jobs (full-time and with benefits) in the U.S., and a number of those will be information technology.

"As we expand our product lineup of fuel-efficient vehicles, we need more people in critical areas - such as in a range of engineering activities, vehicle production, computer software and other IT functions," Joe Hinrichs, Ford president of the Americas told the Detroit Free Press.

Meanwhile, GM said Thursday it plans to open its third U.S. tech center near Atlanta and hire 1,000 employees, including software developers and database experts. The company previously opened centers in Warren, Michigan and Austin, Texas. The move is part of GM's goal to bring most of its IT operations, 90 percent of which were previously outsourced, back to the United States.

According to Reuters, GM Chief Information Officer Randy Mott told reporters, "We've been on a journey for the past few months to transform GM IT. One of the key strategies in this turnaround is the opening of (information technology) innovation centers in key U.S. markets and bringing the work back in-house to GM."

Looking at several job sites, hiring IT professionals in the auto industry seems to be a trend. Career Builder lists nearly 250 jobs and Linkedin almost 200. Ford's website alone lists 42 open jobs in IT.

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