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Pluralsight LIVE agenda guide: Take control of your career

By Pluralsight    |    August 30, 2017

Pluralsight LIVE takes place September 19-21. Are you ready? We know you want to get the most out of every conference, so we wanted to make it easier on you. We’re highlighting amazing breakouts here every other week. This week’s highlight: take your career to the next level

Pluralsight LIVE is the ideal opportunity to find ways to take your career into your own hands. Our agenda is full of experts with the insights and tips you need to elevate your career to the next level. 

Here are some breakouts you won’t want to miss:

Breakouts to make you a better developer: 

Get ready for the web in 2018: John Papa

It’s never too early to begin preparing for 2018. Discover the technologies you’ll need to focus on in the coming year to provide the best products and experiences for your customers. 

From Average Joe to Salesforce Pro: How to Advance Your Coding Career with Salesforce: David Liu

Don’t let your average-level skills keep you from advancing in your career. Learn from someone who’s done it before and discover how you can teach yourself the skills you need to elevate your current career path.

Breakouts to make you a better IT pro: 

30 Terrible Habits of Server and Cloud Administrators: Orin Thomas

The first step to solving a problem is admitting there is one. Recognize potential bad habits and find ways to overcome them and keep your organization secure.

The Role of Certification in 2017’s IT: A Guided Conversation: Greg Shields

The merits of certification are a constantly evolving debate–some see them as detrimental to proving knowledge while some view them as a waste of work time. Discover insights from the people who manage, train and hire IT ops talent. 

Breakouts to make yourself a better employee: 

Upgrade Yourself: Strategies and Techniques to Keep Your Skills Strong: Simon Allardice

Skills can be acquired quickly, but are you keeping those skills sharp and current? Implement tips from expert Simon Allardice to continuously maintain and increase your knowledge in the newest frameworks, skills or languages. 

Project Management for Everyone - How PM Skills Can Be Applied to Any Job: Casey Ayers

Just because your job role isn’t project manager doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from its methodology. Shift into a project management mindset and see how it can help you continuously achieve and improve in your career. 

A Field Guide for Male Allies: Karen Catlin

The tech industry is under fire for lacking in diversity, but more and more allies are stepping up to make a difference. Learn what male allies can do to help create a more inclusive and supportive workplace for everyone. 

Experience the energy of innovators, change-makers and technology leaders coming together for the first time ever at LIVE. Take advantage of opportunities to rub shoulders with peers, Pluralsight authors and leading businesses like Adobe, StackOverflow and Salesforce. Don’t miss out on any of the action and register today!

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