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Pluralsight LIVE agenda guide: Making our platform work for you

By Pluralsight    |    July 13, 2017

Pluralsight LIVE is just around the corner. Are you ready? We know you want to get the most out of every conference, so we wanted to make it easier on you. Our Agenda Builder lets you curate the sessions and keynotes you’re most interested in, but we’re also highlighting amazing breakouts here every other week. This week’s highlight: making Pluralsight work for you

Our platform has evolved to provide a true enterprise experience that enhances the way you and your teams develop technology skills and stay relevant. With these Pluralsight LIVE breakouts, learn how our platform can help you identify the skills on your team, fill gaps in knowledge and align the right people to the right projects to achieve your goals.

Breakouts include: 

Creating a Culture of Innovation: Learn how to use channels to create a culture of learning that facilitates innovation. 

Level-Up or Lose with Skill Assessments: See how you can uncover the brilliance that already exists on your team with skill assessments. 

Prescribed Learning Using Pluralsight: Learn how to leverage paths and channels to accomplish any business-driven technology objective on your plate. 

Keeping up with the Velocity of Technological Change: Gain confidence in your team’s technical abilities with skill analytics.

Superhero Secrets from Pluralsight Super Users: Become a Pluralsight hero on your team with hidden gems and shortcuts from a panel of dedicated Pluralsight users. 

Expert Mentoring: Learn how your team can leverage our expert mentors to remove roadblocks and get back to work. 

Creating the Future Through Personalized Learning: Find, curate and share the courses you need to align with business objectives using channels and paths. 

Castaways: Tom Hanks, Wilson and Pluralsight Channels: Discover the most effective and beneficial channels for every team and see how channels can help your team accomplish any business objective. 

The best way to make sure you’re using our platform to its fullest is by coming to Pluralsight LIVE. Register today

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