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Pluralsight LIVE agenda guide: Protecting your business from cyber threats

By Pluralsight    |    August 02, 2017

Pluralsight LIVE is just around the corner. Are you ready? We know you want to get the most out of every conference, so we wanted to make it easier on you. Our Agenda Builder lets you curate the sessions and keynotes you’re most interested in, but we’re also highlighting amazing breakouts here every other week. This week’s highlight: protecting your business from cyber threats.

Cyber threats aren’t going anywhere. Is your organization prepared? With these Pluralsight LIVE breakouts, you can learn from industry experts how to protect your organization, prepare for the future and make the right security investments. 

Breakouts include:

Thwarting Security Threats in a Dynamic Digital World by Troy Hunt, Dale Meredith and John Elliott

This panel of industry experts give you advice, perspective and insights into how your company can prepare for today’s (and tomorrow’s) cyber attacks. 

Every IT Superhero’s Security Kryptonite: Overexposure by Dale Meredith

Did you know that IT professionals are some of the worst culprits when it comes to oversharing? Learn what you can do to to help protect your company’s information and reputation.

“When it All Falls Apart”: Information Technology and the Changing Face of Crisis Communication by Alan Ackmann

As technology crises become more and more common, the way we communicate around these events is changing. By looking at recent examples such as the Sony network hack, WannaCry and more, you can learn what worked and what didn’t in these moments of crisis. 

The Future of Data Center Management by Don Jones, Jeffery Hicks, Greg Shields, Jason Helmick

Explore emerging trends in the data center management space at this expert-led panel. Discover new strategies and approaches for scalable, agile security. 

For unparalleled access to top security professionals, Pluralsight LIVE is the best choice you can make for your org. Register today and begin building your agenda!  


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