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Pluralsight Receives Women in Tech Award for 5th Year in a Row

Pluralsight’s universal mission is to democratize technology skills for everyone, and that means everyone–including historically marginalized groups such as LGBTQ+, People of Color, and women. We are dedicated to creating a company culture that is not only a safe space for women, but one that also actively creates initiatives that support female education and career development. 

Pluralsight is tremendously honored to receive a spot on the Women Tech Council’s “Shatter List” for the 5th year in a row. Every year, the Women Tech Council recognizes dozens of companies that are making significant contributions to female progression both internally and externally. The Shatter List brings to light the organizations that shatter the metaphorical “glass ceiling.” But, what even is the glass ceiling?

The glass ceiling refers to the barriers that women historically, and unfortunately, even now, have experienced in male-dominated environments in business, medicine, politics, the military, and more. While some barriers are very apparent, such as the gender wage gap and microaggressive language, others are just not quite as visible. In the United States, thousands of companies are working to identify and remove these barriers, then create systems from within the organization that encourage the professional development of women.

The Women Tech Council looks for several different elements in a company in order to be placed on the Shatter List:

  • Executive engagement (active support from the CEO, executive team and all leadership)

  • Company programming (currently has women in leadership executive positions and proactively implements programs to support women in technology)

  • Community investment (active participation with the broader community to learn from and share best practices regarding culture and inclusion)

  • Women’s or D&I group (formal programs to support women internally)

So how is Pluralsight working to break through the glass ceiling?

The Women at Pluralsight ERG (Employee Resource Group) was created specifically for women and other allies to work together to identify the often unrealized needs of females in a male-dominated environment. Their mission is to democratize women’s access to growth opportunities, so that they may have the tools to succeed as professionals and leaders, and eventually create systems that foster the development of future generations. 

Women at Pluralsight is open for all employees to join as committee members or participate in leadership roles. “As a committee chair at Women at Pluralsight, I've had the chance to develop programming, communications, and events that directly benefit women in tech, both inside and outside of Pluralsight,” says Ryan Sins, Communications Specialist at Pluralsight. 

Pluralsight has also taken steps to encourage female empowerment beyond the women-led initiatives including extended paid maternity/paternity leave, sponsoring of external educational programs, and working to ensure that more women not only have the opportunity to work in tech, but have the tools and support to hold leadership positions as well. 

In fact, at the end of Q1 of this year, 37.4% of Pluralsight team members identified as women. In leadership positions, women made up 39.6% (May, 2022). 

“I love being a woman at a tech company because we bring such a unique, powerful energy to our roles. We know how to get stuff done–and done well,” affirms Emily Hill, Lead Copywriter at Pluralsight. 

No company is perfect in their efforts to be more equitable in their female inclusion, but Pluralsight is striving to get there–one day and one person at a time. 

We are grateful to earn a place on the 2022 Women Tech Council’s Shatter List, and will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that we are consistently striving for female empowerment within Pluralsight and in our communities–for years to come.