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Say hello to an easier-to-use experience with enhanced discoverability

August 21, 2019

UI/UX nerds unite—we’ve updated the way you navigate Pluralsight and find content! Our fresh look boosts discoverability and offers even more avenues to learn today’s most in-demand skills.

So, what’s changed?

  • For easier access, we’ve added some of your most-used experiences like paths, channels, bookmarks, and Q&A up top next to the search bar. 

  • Browse is a great place to explore courses, roles and skill assessments. 

  • Upgraded search capabilities accommodate more complex search terms to uncover even more of the right content, right when you need it

  • An enhanced Browse experience highlights some of the critical technologies and topics – cloud, AI. data, cybersecurity – you’ve been asking about—and we heard you.

Take a look…


Let’s double click into the new Browse experience

We’ve added Cloud Computing and Machine Learning / AI to the top of the Browse page for easier access to these in-demand topics inside our platform. Each tile reveals an in-depth look at courses, paths, roles, skill assessments and more on that topic—all in one place, because we know how important it is to easily find the content and features you need. Additionally, we’re ramping up our content offerings in these areas, so there’s even more for you to discover.

New navigation

Cloud computing

Did you know the three leading cloud providers trust Pluralsight to deliver skill development for their products? AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloud have partnered with us to help grow our cloud content by 47% by the end of 2019. We’ll have even more critical cloud content on our platform by the end of the year, from app development and storage to analytics and virtualization.

Machine learning + AI

With our growing AI + ML skills coverage, you’re able to gain foundational knowledge and upskill your teams into modern technology roles that require these skills. Since machine learning is changing so rapidly, Pluralsight’s content continues to evolve to meet your needs in this space. Currently, you and your team can dive into machine learning as it relates to in-demand technologies like R, Python, Azure and more.

And don’t forget: Pluralsight IQ can help measure your team’s cloud and AI skills, identify gaps, and provide personalized recommendations on where to start and what to learn.

Have you seen the new experience? Check it out now!