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The first-ever #TechSkillsDay, by the numbers

May 10, 2019

Technology skills are one of the most powerful forces in our world. They power innovation, expand our creative abilities and equip humans to solve the world’s most critical problems. So it goes without saying: We’re huge fans of tech skills.

That’s why Pluralsight dedicated April 25 to celebrating the limitless potential of tech skills. Thousands of engineers, developers, IT professionals and technologists across 123 countries joined us for the first-ever #TechSkillsDay — and using Skill IQ, we were able to set a record for the most tech skills measured in a day with 18,043 skill assessments taken.

#TechSkillsDay caught on worldwide. Here’s how it all played out:

The 10 most popular skill assessments

  1. HTML5

  2. JavaScript

  3. CSS

  4. C#

  5. Android Associate Developer

  6. Python

  7. Google Cloud Architect

  8. Java

  9. Active Directory Administration

  10. Linux Fundamentals


The countries with the most skill assessments taken

  1. United States

  2. Nigeria

  3. UK

  4. India

  5. South Africa

  6. Kenya

  7. Germany

  8. Ghana

  9. Canada

  10. Brazil


We’ve already got big things planned for next year, and can’t wait for you to join us. See you on April 25! (If you missed #TechSkillsDay and want to see where your skills stack up today, you can take a free Skill IQ assessment any time.)