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Keep up with tech from home: Conference content is now free on Pluralsight

March 17, 2020

Using your at-home time to keep your career up to date just got easier. Pluralsight is proud to formally launch a new platform experience: Conferences

Our premise is simple: Help more technology professionals keep their careers fresh by connecting them with leading-edge breakout sessions from some of the world’s best technology conferences, accessible anytime, anywhere. With conferences, we’re also helping technology leaders expand their reach, market awareness and audience impact. 


In partnership with conference organizers we’re making much of our Conference content free to everyone through July 1, 2020—even if you don’t have a current Pluralsight subscription. 


We believe a 60-minute (or less!) dose of the latest and greatest in tech delivered by the top experts on the topic is just the thing to diversify your day-to-day technology skill development. Some of our early-bird Conference viewers have already made this feature a part of their daily routine by watching videos during lunch, or even listening to sessions from their cars or while exercising.

Warning: Conference sessions may trigger a deeper interest in emerging technology—in which case you can turn to the vast amount of Pluralsight video courses to dive deeper into those topics that really catch your attention.

Find your conference of choice

Conferences are available for anyone, whether you’re logged in or not. If you’re logged into the Pluralsight platform, you’ll find them on our Paths page, under the Conferences tab (it’s next to Certifications). You’ll find a growing selection of conferences from around the world on topics like software development, data, information security, IT operations and more. For any session that looks interesting or relevant to you, just click “Play!”

Conferences are our newest way to make “small bites” of learning a part of your daily routine—a solid tactic for keeping your technology career as current as possible. We invite you to drop in frequently to catch the latest conferences from the comfort of home.

Host your conference or virtual event

We also wanted to create something that would help make technology conferences self-sustaining, so in many cases we’re helping to fund the recording of session content, create a revenue stream for the conference itself, or help offset other costs. If you help organize a technology conference, drop us an email at Tell us a bit about your event and your audience, and let’s see how we can work together.