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How to Get GitPrime Insights Delivered Straight to Your Inbox

November 25, 2018

Today, we’re launching our Email Reporting feature, which you can use to get GitPrime insights delivered to your inbox on a daily, weekly, or monthly cadence.

When a team is tracking a core set of metrics, it can be tedious as a manager to take screenshots of the team’s progress across each metric, and then send that out to each individual in the group. With our new email reporting feature, you can now generate a report that includes the information you care about most, and have it sent to you and your colleagues via email on a daily, weekly, or monthly occurrence.

Get the most important information delivered straight to your inbox.

Here are some examples of email reports you might elect to receive:

If you’re an Executive or Manager of Managers:

  • Get a monthly report of core metrics across all your teams to keep a pulse on the health and productivity of the organization.
  • Get a bi-weekly email report that shows high-level progress across multiple teams, so you can track where energy is being allocated and notice when a process should be adjusted.
  • Get a bi-weekly email reports that give a comprehensive view of each team, so you can see early signs of bottlenecks.

If you’re an Engineering Manager:

  • Get a weekly snapshot of your team’s health indicators and map how metrics are trending toward or away from the norm.
  • Get a weekly email that shows how new hires are ramping up, so you can stay out of the way or coach them toward healthier work patterns.
  • Get a monthly email of your team’s progress and map the information to organizational or process changes.
  • Send a bi-weekly email to your manager reporting on your team’s progress to build trust by making your team’s work visible.

If you’re an Engineer:

  • Get a weekly report of your progress to accelerate feedback loops and get insight into your own collaboration patterns.
  • Get a weekly report of your team’s metrics to discover trends and track collaboration patterns.
  • Send a weekly report of your progress to your manager to build trust by making your work visible.


The thing is, as a manager, by the time you know something’s off, it’s already too late. By the time you know someone is doing really well, you’re late. We’re coaches, and we need to focus on coaching our teams throughout this process — not just after the fact. So now, with GitPrime, we can finally apply this mentality in Engineering.”

Harley Trung Director of Engineering at TinyPulse

This feature is part of a larger commitment to build GitPrime to work where you work, and to provide the information you need about your team’s software delivery lifecycle without having to switch contexts. We’re excited to get your feedback on our new Email Reporting feature, and your requests for future functionality.